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  1. Hi Telric, My server is using your Horse mod. We love the idea and are even using the horses instead of a bicycle. However there seems to be an issue with ground collision. We have to stick to roads in most of the biomes or else they destroy everything they walk on (in the burning zone they destroy all of the wood piles everywhere, in cities they destroy the sidewalks, in the forest they get stuck on the nitrate piles, etc.) and forget trying to cross a bridge at anything more than a crawl, they destroy the ramp and cause damage to the rest. Also, the jump (c) has some issues, especially if you are going up any type of incline, they wig out and sometimes do a backflip. Oh and for the most part wild aggressive animals seem to ignore us when on them if we don't get too close, but if you get too close they will attack and the horse seems to bug out the server. We've had this happen twice where a cougar/puma has attacked one of us and whomever was attacked seems to glitch out and the only way to fix it is for everyone to disconnect and reconnect. I'm sorry this seems like nothing but a complaint, it really isn't. The mod is an awesome idea and it does work, they are great pack mules, much better for capacity than a bicycle, it's just the ground collision issue that really makes it hard to use because you can't just go anywhere you want. Anyway, keep up the good work.
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