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  1. Here are the steps I would take in your position. 1. Remove all mods except this vehicle mod. Check that it functions on its own in a new World without any NRE warnings. 2. Add in your server management mods and test again. 3. Continue this process one by one until you hit the NRE and report back with the details.
  2. I hear ya, and some actions are governed by different processes like the crafting. I'd go with adding one by one in a new World until you hit issues.
  3. @AndrewDeMethill Looks like a Linux setup which is something I cannot emulate to match the exact conditions. I could however join you in a server on a separate map and go through a process of addition and elimination until we spot any conflicting pairings. If we get to that stage, it may be possible to manually change any IDs/attributes which are not working well together. The vehicles use a container ID 950, 951, 952 I believe and that has caused conflict issues in the past.
  4. @AndrewDeMethill Hello, and this is unfortunate because getting to the source of these issues can require a little detective work. Could you share know more about which version of 7D2D you are running and any mods that are installed on your server? This will help consider if there are any mismatches or conflicts.
  5. See what you make of this server side version. Doughs-RabbitOfCaerbannog-A19-ServerSideTest.zip Doughphunghus is very generous with the license arrangement and basically allows us to do anything we like with this mod. Naturally, Doughphunghus is credited throughout as the XML is full of Doughphunghus tweaks. This modder clearly loved working on this. It can be released as a public server side version if it passes your tests. 3.5 scale. I am about 6 meters up and it sure can jump. Snow ball replacement with molotov audio as it sha
  6. I see, just the serversides is understandable. In that case, the settings with just the default rabbit model and changing the grenade icon/model to something else may circumvent the custom bits. Such a cool rabbit for sure; nibbles one toe off at a time, lol.
  7. The entitygroups.xml continues to undergo a few tweaks while in test phase to find the best balance. In summary: The base probability for most Snufkin Plus entities is 0.5. The base entities are easy to avoid for low level players. However, aggressive flyers like the Shark and Drones (Hell Flyer and Hell Scorcher) which actively target you have been reduced to 0.2. A few individual entities like the Wrestler and Wendigo have also been reduced to 0.2 outside of their own biomes. However, Wrestler probability goes up again in the Desert and Wendigo increases in
  8. Oh yes, that's correct! Your banshee/screamer tag team combination. I forgot about that and how you'll need to update that with each new build.
  9. I've updated the original post with some images to show 'MaxPower' in action, and a formula taken from an old Wiki page. I can't find the formula in the XML files anymore that described these attributes in detail. In general. MaxPower appears to be total capacity output allowed at peak. InputPerTick appears to be amount of energy created over time. ChargePerInput appears to be the conversion of Input to stored energy for later release. OutputPerStack is the peak output allowed for a solar cell, battery, or engine. However, there does not appear to be conformity
  10. This modlet allows you to increase or decrease selective electrical power attributes to match your own specifications. Download: https://github.com/arramus/Electric-Buffs-A19 Please use the Github download first but if you have issues with installation due to a Github shell folder, here is a simple alternative uploaded to the forum. Electric_Buffs_A19.zip The current settings provide 400% of default values across multiple settings for generators, batteries, and solar. You can manually change this to decrease or increase default settings to provide a greater
  11. This is a 'quality of life' mod that allows you to decrease, increase, or simply shift the period of time a trader remains open. Download: https://github.com/arramus/Change-Trader-Open-And-Close-Time-A19 A19 saw the traders receive their own specialisations and with this came unique IDs for each. You can set the trading time of each Trader on an individual basis as per your own specifications. This can make your server trading experience easier, more challenging, or more varied. The current settings allow traders to open at 04:05 and close at 21:55.
  12. @magejosh This had been removed from the Plus mod, hadn’t it? I just checked Github and couldn’t see it in the items.xml anymore if you were to replace what you have with that one.
  13. The initial release had the majority of Zombies in all group with a 0.8 probability and less for a few that are too demanding. This was far too much for a new player and dropped to 0.5 which is still challenging but OK if you play carefully. Even with this lower rate I still see many of them and have to play stealth by moving between buildings and avoiding. I also tried in SP Navezgane and it was busy with them.
  14. I’m currently running the Plus version of Snufkin’s Zombies which has exactly the same Pumpkin character and settings. I wasn’t able to replicate this issue in that build. This was a recent update and I wasn’t able to replicate it in this original version either and have seen the Pumpkin man many times since the Nov 3 release. I wonder what other mods are in your Mods folder. This will help us consider potential conflicts/duplication/overlap.
  15. Peace is restored to Snufkin Land. @Rafael81 could upload the PLUS version with all of the original favorites along with the 10 extra new ones by adding a newly zipped folder with only 1 layer instead of Github's double layer.
  16. Hi Rafael81, This is the 'Plus' version which has all of Snufkin's Zombies plus 10 new ones. Is that the version you wanted or do you prefer just the regular Snufkin versions? Github adds folders to its own 'Repository' folder which gives that double layer. Instead of unpacking which makes an additional folder, can you extract which will should allow you to take only the inner folder and place it inside your Mods folder? Does your server give your 'Desktop' access where you can perform the extract or is it just a server management control panel? If you
  17. @magejosh Reference to pettest has been removed. It looks like it was to be a quest that never quiet made it. @PeNa1979 It is safe to download now and use F6 as the NRE entries have been removed. Here is a small update for the Party Plus mod. A small starter kit as this mod is certainly more of a challenge with the elevated group spawns. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Party-Plus-Starter-Kit-A19 A bit of lore. And some simple goodies.
  18. Yes, thank you magejosh. This is an antiquated reference that hangs over from Snufkin's original mod and can be removed from the next update if there are no connections to it. In fact, reference to the old shark entry was also removed as that would also cause NRE if it was opened in F6. Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention. I hope you were playing in SP and it didn't cause too much damage.
  19. For the life of me, I don’t recall any references to pettest in this mod. I agree. I don’t know what pettest relates to and I hope mage josh can shed some light on it.
  20. Snufkin's Custom Server Side Zombies - PLUS can be downloaded here: https://github.com/arramus/SnufkinCustomZombiesPLUS-A19-2021Jan21 (Please try the above one first as it specialises in hosting files whereas the forum does not. If you have trouble with the extra shell folder layer in Github, try this one) Awaiting Forum Maintenance And a Snufkin Party Plus Starter Kit can be downloaded here should you feel it necessary: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Party-Plus-Starter-Kit-A19 (Please try the above one first as it specialise
  21. Here is a link to the updated version which contains some additional vehicles in addition to Snufkin's Base Vehicles. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Community-Pack-Server-Side-Vehicles-A19-Stable-2020Nov21 Since the Nov 2nd release, there have been some additions and stability fixes and the above version offers a better experience.
  22. Testing Grace's big sister, Mittens. Set to 5K which was more than enough on my own. Mittens uses the radiated cop's settings for the most part for the acid projectile and hit features. After testing, this will be released as a stand alone mod that will be set up to be integrated into the Snufkin Mod. It currently contains 3 entities: Mittens, Paindeer Motorhead Lacking the depth and sophistication of a Snufkin entity as they are simply modified versions of existing zombie
  23. Oh you sweet little timid animal. What have people done to you? Take this tasty morsel. It has potential. The Paindeer.
  24. A small update with 2 more Hat/Clothing Mods from oakraven. Download: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Weapons-Xpansion-A19-Stable-2020Nov23 This hat mod gives the user +2 harvest capability.
  25. Interesting and from other animal mods and attachment capability, very possible. The drop bag could always be switched with a simple sack which I have seen taking a color.
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