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  1. Is this exclusive to the drone or can the sledge and turret also have this attached? I've been hoping for the ability to hook a light up to the turret basically since I originally got it. They don't support the weapon flashlight mod.
  2. I don't think we'd ever end up joining a bandit clan. I honestly hope not and I can't even imagine how that'd fit into existing mechanics. But in the end, the final point is the right one. Yeah, I don't think traders are going to give you a quest to go through a POI with nothing but a shiv, but traders aren't the only ones in the wasteland and there are definitely some eccentric folks there. There's room for some more challenging/varying quests. Just gotta think outside of the box of 'Quests come from traders'.
  3. Yeah... there's definately a disconnect between something that could provide an interesting challenge and finding a non-immersion breaking way to do it. Games like WoW honestly got away with some of these things by having things like gnomes and magic that could provide a completely implausible but never the less 'it's gnome and magic, what did I expect' thought process to it. Finding a reason that the trader would want people to run around with naught but a shiv... might be difficult. With all that said... there are some challenges that could logically be implemented. Wanting to avoid the a
  4. Aaaaaaand it's been fixed! Woohoo!
  5. Has been for at least several days. Was trying to find more information on the company itself, and wasn't able to.
  6. I think that's what you're looking for?
  7. That kind of situation makes perfect sense. And to be clear, I'm not actually surprised that sound boards still exist, that was mostly a joke, but it's legit a bit surprising that even a fairly low-end mobo wouldn't have good sound on it these days. There's a reason that sound cards haen't come standard with computers in like 2 decades... even good integrated sound is cheap.
  8. I'm actually legit a bit surprised... there's just not a good reason for that in modern systems... I mean I understand not having great integrated speakers... but that just means plugging in a set of external speakers... that's wild to me.
  9. Sound... card... wait... those still exist? I don't think I've seen a 'sound card' since like... the mid 90s...
  10. That's what I'm really hoping for. I want some of these. The 6 floor apartment, shotgun messiah factory, and shamway factory are cool... but a bit more variety would be appreciated. I was hoping that the hospital, dishong, or higashi were added to RWG. I wasn't aware of the existence of crack a book hq.
  11. So... I know we're at a staggering 500 POIs that will be spawned in RWG. In A18, there were only 3 POIs that spawned for T5 quests. Were the other POIs that existed all added to RWG? I believe there were 2 towers and a hospital? Were any others added? This is actually one of the big questions for my group. We're really hoping for some more variety in the T5 quest POIs.
  12. I have no clue what actually prompted it, but but my entire server refers to the zombies as 'bois'. Nobody ever says 'we've got a horde of zombies coming'. It's 'we got a bunch of bois coming'. It's delightful honestly. Needless to say, there are endless jokes about bringing the bois to the yard.
  13. Only major issue I have with the current intellect perks that I can think of is that the junk turrets set off demos. It means my turrets are literally a hazard to the party unless a base is carefully constructed that allows me to place them such they they're able to shoot demos in the back. I'm unsurprised that a lot of people feel like some of the more 'fantastical' zombies are out of place. They are compared to what's currently in the game, but it doesn't take much to see that they were coming. We aren't getting progressively improved equipment for no reason, since I learned that everythi
  14. TL;DR: Some of the cheaper ways through the building could use a nerf, but I don't want to see getting the loot out of the dungeon cache requiring constant massive clearing. That feels like it goes contrary to the 'multiple ways to deal with a problem' philosophy. I'd love to see a key (the end chests in all of the Tier V POIs in A18 RWG are already locked), but not to have it necessarily required. Lock picking I still feel should be a valid method, as should just breaking through the lock (though maybe the latter should be a bit more difficult... augers chew through the HP on a chests ofte
  15. I'm certainly going to keep some hope, but definately understand the expense of checking LoS on that many volumes. Possibly something that can be offloaded to a client and just check one each update? Client reports back an unspawned zombie that should be visible, server validates and spawns? Spitballing ideas based on a good bit of unity experience, but obviously no knowledge of 7 days specific architecture.
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