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  1. There's a proverb : if it looks dumb but it works, so it's not dumb. This is a topic not for PGM optimized roXXor autonomous game-breaking bases, but just weird and fun working builds. Maybe my topic is redundant (I didn't read ALL the forum), so I apologize if it's the case. I'm actually working on various zombie carrousels. This one seems to work well (tripwire linked to horizontal door -> Z falls -> Z climb again -> Z falls... I just have to molotov time to time) and makes no-stress bloodmoons. Pimps nerfed the "slippery slope" ? Nevermind : I use it to make Z access easier on a smaller surface. And another stupid carrousel. The fun thing is : if your hammer triggers a demo, you can bet on which block it will destroy What are yours ?
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