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  1. You will need to put your generated map in world folder on server and move the complete save folder in app data to app data on server. Make sure you add prefabs to prefab folder on server as well if not just a vanilla map. Make sure you change config world to new map as well. It will trigger a new world download when you log in again, but will start you right where you left off
  2. This is the version I am still using on Stable. Link still pulls up dropbox for download
  3. I have been using v2.2 since it came out. Most of them still spawn even up to b178. Tough as crap to survive horde night, which is what i like. Still early in stable, several are still spawning and i can spawn all of them with Rat manager in game.
  4. Guess we will play it till it breaks again and regen new world when hotfix comes out. It did load again once i loaded fresh map.
  5. Will it fix current worlds or just fix next world i generate. I deleted world information and had server load it fresh again after deleting the peercafe and transferred all the player data except decorations folder back into saved folder. The server started fine. Since i reloaded fresh world did it start this time without peercafe since i deleted that from prefab. We only lost stuff we put on ground.
  6. deleted 13 peercafe, but still get null error, so i guess its dead since one of the players has spawned it somewhere. When i delete game folder and create new world with same map is loads fine.
  7. Once you fix issue, will a new world have to be generated or is there a way to fix the current worlds
  8. v501 exp. I never had issue like wall of water until i used cp45
  9. I have a logistical question. In the video showing how to use cp45 when the prefab list was copied from the cp45 folder and paste in 7d2d prefab folder the video showed 4485 files. When i do it it only shows 2351. Did prefab file just delete 2100 files on its own since video was made.
  10. I replaced prefab.txt list with with cp45 prefab list as video explained and chose vanilla. the last 3 maps did the water wall
  11. 3 maps in a row with the wall of water. Will go back to 44 until someone figures out what is causing it.
  12. It says 45 is no longer available. just the 45hotfix
  13. But you added new stuff that wasn't in 44 or did you add it to 44 as well
  14. And i generated 2 maps with water going across the middle of map about 30 blocks high
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