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  1. Sector Slain PVP Arena and Survival Server (Wiped 10/5) Active admins and discord. In game commands including /home (Teleport to set location) /shop (Purchase items from topics housing, books, clothing, medic, ammo, machines, food, and misc) /pack (teleport to last death Currency to use commands from zombie kills (Persistent through wipes). Allowed 4 land claims per person. Arena events, custom random gen map, admin created vending machines, and other specialties. Server Rules: What goes around comes around. We're all here to have fun, so hide y
  2. I played on NAPVP, they were one of the worst offenders I've seen in terms of what I was describing. From the server list they looked okay, difficulty setting warrior... Okay still pretty weak sauce, xp multiplier 150%, again not great but passable... Drop on death everything, excellent, drop on quit nothing, air drops....everyday... Loot abundance 100% good, claim health 8x and 16x online and offline respectively, good. Then you realize, when you get a level, heres an air drop at your feet... Oh by the way if you just leveled here's 3 skill points, oh did the server just wipe? Didn't
  3. Server settings are pretty straightforward from my perspective. Zombie difficulty either the most difficult or one level down. Loot and Xp should be 100% or lower (I actually rather liked 80% xp since you didn't feel like you were going to fly through all the lower level content in a day. Air drops turned off altogether, and server admins in general not giving out items to people. 7 day hordes can really be left to default, their run speed can either be turned up or not I'd be play with that either way. Now as far as PvP specific settings it does get a bit more complicated since there
  4. First time posting on the forums, and as of the time of this post it is just before the official release (Been playing experimental of A19). I have about 6,200 hrs. of play time on 7dtd and I've played through quite a few Alphas. I've seen hints at it from others on the forums, and I know of at least 4 other people on my list who have had the same complaint that you go on, you look for a server to PvP on and all the settings are let's say extremely casual. Xp modifiers are all a minimum of 200% (usually several times higher), same with loot, the zombies themselves are either defaul
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