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  1. Could you direct to a version designed for 18.4? If it has the huge inventory could you explain to me how to remove it from the mod in a PM? I do know how to edit mod files long as you tell me where to look and what to do, i should be able to do it.
  2. Oh mate, the fault is mine I am pretty sure now, I checked my game version. It's 18.4 So that will explain why it doesn't work or should at least. I assumed the game auto updated to Alpha 19 since that world was started after the release date of the update BUT you had to opt into exprimental Beta.
  3. Yes the version I use is for A18 but the guns work fine and the other people who use the modded weapons reported no problems with them to me. Sometimes older mods will still work just fine in newer versions of the game and this is one of those cases at least in my experience. I do not run a dedicated server, just a server that is up long as I am playing the game to. Why is your mod conflicting with that Mod? is that the problem?
  4. The five mods I run are. Bdubyah’s Vehicles All in One Ultimate Vehicle Mod Vanilla Firearms Extended and the compatibility mod for PIP Optics which means the Optics mod it's self. I have had no issues with those mods to date, The way I play with my friends if I will start up the game and they join. I understand that, some people like broken inventory levels, me I prefer to choose how much stuff I want on me vs what I can carry
  5. Is this mod designed to work with vanilla because I tried to run it but got tons of errors. I do run other mods but they only touch cars and add some new guns and change the vanilla sights. So I don't see how they would conflict with this mod. The version without the OP backpack is that going to have vanilla level inventory slots because the amount of space the backpack you put in this mod is just ridicules a person should not be able to carry out that much stuff
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