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  1. Heres a link to our base: Its a big as hell hill, the entire thing is based on a weirdly working idea on how the zombies just cannot reach us.
  2. T6 tier in all cases is better than what you can craft making sure that the moment you loot a T6 pistol/fireaxe/hammer or whatever all crafting for that specific equipment is useless. I get it that it exist to encourage looting but the way it stands now the only purpose weapon and tool parts have is to be used as late as possible or never because why would you even waste time to craft for example any tier of the stone axe when you know that very soon you will see the T6 version dropping even if you would argue that the stone axe is dirt cheap its the same for all avaible gear. Weapons are already can only by gained by finding them, crafting from other weapons or buying from the trader but as soon as you get your T6 weapon all of this is moot. Also since weapons cant break and our crafting abilities are limited it seems like a bad idea to have a function what cuts content out the game. Personally i would much more prefer to be locked at T5 tier gear only and with every 50th level we unlock one more tier to craft what each comes with unique features instead of "X is in all forms better than the previous".
  3. Then i think im on the weirdest streak of bad luck because we just mined down an entire hill next to our base and not a single iron or coal vein was around.
  4. Thats a question of balancing honestly. For example lets take the pistol, to make one you currently need: 4x handgun parts 10x forged iron 2x ductape 5x scrap polymer 2x spring Now springs are not craftable so they are loot only but are still plentiful. Lets say that the handgun parts get the following recipe: 1x Forged Iron 1x Bottle of Acid 2x Spring 20x Scrap Polymer 1x Oil 5x Paint Now with this one you still need to loot the base because bottle of acid is not craftable, oil needs shale to be made and empty cans, springs are again not craftable and paint again requies a part what is loot only so its loot only. Nothing is unreasonable here and players still have to loot to a degree for these items like they always did but they no longer need to only rely on looting to get them before anything else. Our base has tons of lead lying around with nitrate but theres not a single iron vein or coal veil around.
  5. Even if everything is craftable from base materials you still need to go out and loot. For an example, i play on a heavily modded game right now because i cant stand the looting system. As result i can craft several weapons from base materials and can directly make weapon parts. Even with this we still go out looting because its still better option to get that ton of iron and mechanical/electrical parts while you get glue, meat, ductape and whatever else in your way. With weapon parts being craftable or weapons being craftable directly from base parts you dont really invalidate looting but just present another way to play in your own way what is never a negative experience.
  6. I think this whole deal could have been fixed by just making weapon parts craftable. This would fix the progressive issue many people complain about like how can you be on day 19 and still not found any actual gun. Depending on a players settings on the map its too easy to fight hard zombies up on day 30 without the tools what are necesseary to kill them. Honestly there is really no reason why we cant make weapons parts other than to slow down player progression.
  7. I disagree with being able to sense doors, a well made door is ofter just as sound/air proof as the walls its a matter of materials. Honestly the best zombie setup i seen was in an old horror movie (i cant remember the title sadly), it was about some underground area laboratory experiments. The usual incompetence of the "survivors" led to their death. There was a guy in the movie somekind of professor who tried his best to teach a zombie how to become human again aswell as search for cures, he gets killed by one of the soo called allies in the base. As the zombies wreck havoc and kill everyone this poor shambler finds out that his father was murdered, finds the weapon he was teached how to use, tracks down the dude in the base and kills him. Using the above i think the ideal setup for zombie games should be similar: Regular shamblers as base zombies. Bare minimal pathing intelligence, would literally impale themselves to reach you. Learners mixed into the masses of deads, they know how to path or find weakspots, certain ones even use tools against you. Mutants. The regular commonground idea for special zombies. Neutral specials, zombie types what dont necessearly attack a player but pose an extreme danger when provoked.
  8. Okay so i thought its time to collect up the commands what one way or another boost the fps. Soo far i only know these: * pois This one turns of distance rendering of points of interests, it boosts up fps a bit and is also helpful to fix a myriad of bugs like the "fake blocks" you can pass throught or building shadows generated throught terrain. * gfx pp enable 0 This one turns off post processing and can easily net you more fps. * gfx af 0 This one turns off anisotropic filtering, suprisingly it can net you 30+ fps when you activate it with minimal quality decrease. * gfx dt This one turns off distant terrain supposedly, havent tested it yet. Anybody has more tips on bringing out more fps without making the game look like a bad minecraft clone?
  9. Stone axe too is kind of pushing it, im not sure about you but as a kid i tried to simply break a rock in half in a line and it managed to shatter into 3 pieces. Its quite hard to make even stone arrowheads and such, the stone shovel is downright impossible to make in reality. Scrap items on the other side actually make sense, a wooden shovel, simple wood arrows without a head part, any sturdy piece of metal as an axe and soo on.
  10. Forge is at level 2 on advanced enginering isnt it so its more like 3 points atleast?
  11. I can confirm, i made a base out of a poi i found on a hill and as i digged out the dirt around the building the top part of the roof just broke. Its even visible on the pictures i posted how it just missing.
  12. In this case we can go with the blowdarts. Those things are hella primitive and you can make one out of any pipe you find, making poison is also something pretty early if it needs to make much sense just make it harvestable from cactuses and snakes and you got your deal.
  13. Honestly the main problem i see is that due to the current loot gating you reach the tier of intelligence items too late ingame. What i would suggest is makeshift tazer weapons, like get some acid, some lead and put it in a bottle and attach 2 wires out of it onto a metal weapon and BOOM you have an intelligence based melee weapon. It looks primitive, the costs are relatively cheap and you can electrocute stuff with it. For ranged weapons you could probably make a razor blade launcher or some other funky looking thing. Get some iron, mechanical parts, springs and make it launch various blade projectiles OR make a flamethrower.
  14. It still works but you need to change the pois a bit, even applying paint is enough to offhold the spawns.
  15. I know my math is kind of.....busted but you get what i mean even if it would make my math teacher commit sudoku. Yeah i figured you would need to find a way to exclude the weapon from eating itself to repair itself and which one to use up for the repair. How does reforging sound? We could make a forge recipe what uses up 2 Pistols to make a Pistol. This way the only issue left is the T6 item quality but we could probably just cut that quality out and replace it with an identical pistol what has these stats at base but its untiered like the nailgun (or just make all items untiered and let the perks handle the stats).
  16. Honestly theres nothing else, before today this was the only loot mod made. Now we have @Boidster's loot lottery mod too so people could switch if they want. All i wanted is a mod what makes the looting randomised, so i dont swim in the same stone gear for ages. I think im gonna go and edit that mod around so it progresses like 4%, 3%, 1.5%, 0,5% or find out just which exact setting controls quality tiers and manipulate that. Also on a sidenot due to how this game works theres no such thing as "rare find". In a game like Warframe an item drop with 4% chance is almost impossible to get but here you can go as low as 0.1% and it would still mean that you run a fairly good chance of getting an item from that rarity group because of the number of lootable containers. At 4% you need to find 25 containers to reach the mathematical 100% chance, at 0.01% you need 100 containers but thats like 10 days.
  17. Or if you are good enough with modding you could make items need themselves to be repaired. Essentially make sure that you take out parts of a working AK47 to repair your favorite AK47. This would probably be more immmersion fitting to cobble together weapons than straight up just removing the ability to repair.
  18. Item degradation is one of the core points of the game Dying Light and you can find countless people who are posting the most meta ways to avoid that feature completely, its a game where you can always find better gear and even in that case people dont like the idea that stuff just breaks and leaves them with nothing. Because its true actual randomity, in games where you dont have the gameplay made around the idea that the player has to create everything for themselves most of the looting excitement comes from not knowing what to expect. This mod makes sure that you can find from the most basic stone tool to a nailgun in a box, every loot is new and exciting. Literally the only thing i would change about the mod is to limit the tiers so i cant just find T6 gear on day 1 but other than that i enjoy that i really have no idea what will be in a lootbox.
  19. At first i downloaded it for similar purposes, it seems like all it does is take the probability tables and make them all have 0.25 chance including all items from level 1-9999999.
  20. And how many of those players modded out parts of the game or are running A18 or earlier? Those player numbers only show how many players are in the game, it doesnt show whenever they like this specific alpha or not neither does it show if the player just modded the game back into an A16 experience or such. July was our best month with almost 39K people, August managed to lost 14% of the playerbase already and who knows what will september bring. You also need to consider that players might dislike the current loot but love the new zombies and lighting, or like the loot and hate the food system and soo on. Also just to get some generic view on how many people hate the loot system from the playerbase and also mod their games heres the full random loot's nexus page: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/1004?tab=description This mod is currently at 910 unique downloads, this is the amount of people who hate the looting, mod their game and use this specific loot mod.
  21. I kinda wish we could add more questions to these pools, it would be nice if you could have all data you search in one pool instead of 6.
  22. In A18 putting a point into intelligence was an optional decision, in A19 its a necessity because without that the game feels artifically slowed down.
  23. Not sure about the avarage player in A18 but my run with my brother needed us to pass day 15 for the first purple find what was my stun baton.
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