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  1. Im really new to modding in general and i would like to ask are these mods server side so the guys i play with dont need to install this? Also is there a way to identify what is server side and what is not?
  2. I dont understand why this kind of enforced connection was needed, the whole perk system could have boiled down to perk related effect with a 5th tab called combat efficiency where every weapon related thing is. You put a point into any of the main perks and gain 1 for combat efficiency.
  3. Dude, if you follow my calculations i wasted away a 200kg avarage stag and got 2kg of meat out of it, thats 99% of the stag wasted! If we follow my ratios that means you got approx 52kgs of raw wood after drying thats approx 40kgs so each piece of wood weights 1.25kg. ------------------------------------------------------- Dont get me wrong i know its silly to try to gauge in the weights of stuff ingame but i wanted to show that its entirely possible to be feeling full from eating 1 grilled meat for atleast 4 ingame hours.
  4. I dont even take a look at the icons, i use the amount i loot as guidelines. I kill a deer and gain 6 pieces of meat from it, if we assume that im an idiot who doesnt know how to use a full deer that means i can still scrap down atleast 2 kgs of meat from a deer. One piece of boiled meat consist of 5 raw meat pieces, so i can assume that its easily over 1kg of food. I know that we talk realism here with gameplay related manner but it only takes some basic take on to generate an idea how much food we consume in this game in the current system.
  5. Gameplay wise it would make sense too, that big amounts of food fill you up for more. It doesnt make much sense, gameplay or realism wise that you have eaten 1 kg of meat and got hungry 2 ingame hours later.
  6. What would a hobo stew do? Well the same. If we argue realism we can say that you are not making more than 1 serving of the hobo stew so eating 1 means you are full for 3-5 ingame hours. If the recipe is 3 serving that means the said stew can fill you up for a whole day ingame but thats it.
  7. I can work 4 hours physically intense work, eat 2 slices of grilled meat and a piece of boiled potato and be good for another 4 hours. From what i see the problem here is that most food dont actually fill you up but only offer some minuscule percentage of filling. A whole can of spaghetti is usually 1 serving what can fill you in real life but here its only good for barely 30 minutes ingame time if you actively do something like mining.
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