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  1. 3 hours ago, Stranded_Napkin said:

    Exactly what I'm doing. That doesn't mean that I MUST keep my mouth shut about how I feel about the current alpha. "There's mods for that" isn't a reason to stifle criticism. Game can't be all things, but it can be what it already was but better. Hell, the idea that guns require gun specific parts in part kits to repair is an easy way to allow them to drop and to keep the player from moving away from low tier items too early was a much better option. My criticism of how they chose to accomplish their goal of extending the early game is not me wanting end game stuff instantly, but rather it's just me not wanting to be forced to chop down trees with a rock when scrap metal from a random car in the hand of a brain damaged monkey would take it down faster. They forced mind numbing stupidity on the player at the expense of chance or originality. 


    This is the result of people @%$#ing about RNG. They took the easy way out. They removed level caps in the skill trees and put it in the loot.

    Its pointless to argue with people whose reasoning is "Theres a mod for that". No offense to Boid but the devs might aswell stop bugfixes too and let some modder do that work with that logic.

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  2. 1 minute ago, Kalen said:

    Disagree.... using a system of maximum blocks would make a steel block no different than a wood frame for the purposes of SI and that doesn't make any sense.


    Nonono, you misunderstood me.


    I only critize the weight system because it can be chaothic from time to time.


    What i meant is a maximum block support system where each of your base support blocks could only handle a select amount of blocks going horizontally.


    1. Wood can hold 4
    2. Stone can hold 5
    3. Concrete can hold 6
    4. Steel can hold 7

    Everything over the limit causes a collapse, but not because weights but because on number of blocks. It makes SI calculation much easier althought it practically makes the mechanics "dumber".

  3. 8 hours ago, meganoth said:

    @Danidas: You should find my bill in your email 😉:




    Both sides extend to maximum length before collapse: 2 steel or 8 wood blocks


    Okay back again to my suggestion wouldnt it be better if the system would ditch the weight system and instead go for a maximum amount of blocks per support?


    That would make sure you dont have to worry about unknown variables and such.

  4. 21 hours ago, RipClaw said:

    That would be similar to that what we had in A16 and before. Back then, you could combine items in the workbench to increase the quality.

    It seems reasonable:


    You broke your T6 AK->Repaired it so its now T5->You need to bring it to the trader with 50 Machine gun parts so he upgrades it back to T6.


    I mentioned the trader because this way T6 still stays player uncraftable. Everything else stays as they are but you would need to upgrade them with approtiate amount of parts.

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  5. Just a basic question but wouldnt it be easier at this point to present a patch what practically shows you how much weight a certain item holds?


    Like a color coding going from green, yellow, red and black to show if something is on the verge of collapse. This way players could actually test out which parts of the SI system are now faulty instead of randomly guessing why removing dirt from under a wall collapses the very top and only the top 1 line of roof of a building.



    Even removing the weight system could significantly improve the entire SI system because then you could program something like "A pillar of concrete can hold 4 blocks of any material horizontally without falling over".

  6. 37 minutes ago, Rince said:

    Was like that before. Repairing will decrease the level item, but in those times we got like 600 levels. Were the times of the "learn by doing".

    But now the system is pretty different. I was a bit skeptical at first, but now I like it more.


    And I prefer not degrade at repairing. I mean, as it now I do not have all equipment lvl 6, even after 120 days. Imagine if you can use it only a bit and then goes back to lvl 5. For that being reasonable, they need to let you craft lvl 6 things.


    I would say, if it's not broken doesn't fix it. It's working fine now.

    This could be fixed by an upgrade system where for a certain amount of parts you could upgrade your items.

  7. 11 hours ago, Roland said:

    (They won’t go down this road)


    For mass market appeal, snowball progression is fun while managing entropy is not. 

    Im not really fond of removing repair altogether but i can see how it could balance a lot of things.

    I have 2 suggestions what would fit the game and would be balanced:


    First repair by hand is only possible with repair packs but repair packs are now rare and expensive items.(stone tools excluded) Seriously we dont need them raining down on us. Change the recipe to be fitting the desired economy like:


    • 10 Forged Iron, 20 Oil, 10 Ductape, 50 Mechanical and Electrical Parts, Claw Hammer, Wrench
    • Duke cost up to 8000 per piece

    This would make making them an expensive choice to make for early and midgame players and a moderately high one for endgame folks. After this setting the droprate to 1 with 2% chance would make sure that its rare to actually find one.



    The second one is that repair without kit is only possible at a workbench. Stone tools excluded but everything the game has now costs their specific parts to be repaired with either forged iron or forged steel. Every tier like in crafting increases the base costs of reparing.

    For example T4 M60:


    • 40 Machine gun parts (10 at T1 and +10/tier) + 8 Forged Steel (2 at T1 and +2/tier)

    This would make sure that most players cant stockpile up weapon parts too because they are consumed for repairs and due to being only avaible at a workbench the player can only really repair in their homebases.

  8. 2 hours ago, Pichii said:

    Im just going to chalk this up as a failure of my understanding of SI.
    Ill keep an eye on things now that I have a much more clear understanding of its mechanics and if I run into the issue again, ill get accurate dimensions for the build for reproduction.
    My apologies- I wasnt sure exactly how to explain and it shows.

    Just an idea but if you have a spare map, you could just pop into creative mode and replicate the structure. I myself have lost the top of the decorative radio tower at the red mesa poi when i painted the lowest part purple. It doesnt make sense but im gonna try to experiment with it.

  9. 2 hours ago, RipClaw said:

    This would require additional coding because there, es far as I know, there is no such thing as pseudo-container in the game yet.

    Hmm, yeah thats true. How about a workaround where the repair kit has durability what you repair with any parts you have?


    Not sure if thats one too is possible within the current code, but making crafting recipes what replace consume the repair kit itself and some parts could work.

  10. 1 hour ago, RipClaw said:

    Using parts for repair would be extremely annoying.


    I would have to carry 3 or 4 different types of parts to repair my equipment in the field. During the horde I use 3 different types of firearms. At least 2 of them I have to repair several times during the horde.


    Okay how about the following?


    We rework the repair kit into a pseudo-container. You can use if from the inventory and it opens up a menu where you can put in weapon parts to fill it. Each repair with it consumes some items from it, fixing your issue of not being able to carry that much mats while also still making players repair with parts and raw materials.

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  11. Just a question but why not just remove repair packs altogether?


    Like what are you exactly repairing in a hammer? You either replace the head or the handle.


    If everything is repairable throught parts and materials it would drastically scale down the power increase we get throught levels.

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  12. 2 hours ago, Kalen said:

    FIrst of all, your first mistake is thinking that there is such a thing as a stealth build.  There is not.   The agility build happens to have some stealth perks (2) but those compliment the build, not define it.

    There are multiple items encouraging a stealth build. Books, perks, armor, there is a steath build presented in the game complimented with everything needed for one.

  13. 11 hours ago, th3s0n1c said:

    Is it really a risk, tho? Bedroll outside the POI, die and try again. Unless you do "dead is dead" or "lose backpack on death", it becomes just a game of perseverance  - and that's if you dont take cheesing to main loot into consideration.

    Yep, death especially early game where the newbie coat saves your xp doesnt matter.


    I firmly believe that the fix we need is essentially nothing but just more items ingame, for an example 100 weapon items with 1 per loot room that means you will collect them all in 100 attempts not counting possible repetititon.

    We are at approx 60 items what can be used as weapons and a bunch of them are tools (16) what are not really useable as they are so we are at 46 weapons total. If you find only 1 per lootroom thats 46 rooms at shortest.


    Now because theres an avarage 3 weapons per loot room my first example finishes looting weapons in 34 tries while the current experience one would finish in 16 tries. The current system is basically set up to slow down the gameplay because the zombie design is kind of asking for you to have guns to fight the masses and if you find them early you are finished.


    Ideally having guns should not make melee a secondary weapon choice and having guns should not mean that the dead is now only dangerous when coming en-masse.

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  14. 3 hours ago, Kalen said:

    So you can't imagine any scenario in which you make no mistakes but still fail?

    Hes kind of right that its a terrible game design.


    You do not fail because you were moving too fast, were careless or simply didnt have high enough stealth. You fail because the situation is scripted for your failure.

    Its the same deal while several people hate ambush cutscenes in video games because it clashes with what was achieved.


    Like imagine that during a mission in Splinter Cell you reached 100% stealth, no one ever seen you, no one got killed or stunned, not a single soul knows you are there because you are moving in the absolute darkness in ventillation shafts soo silently you can hear the guards breathing around and then suddenly cutscene "You kick out the cover of the ventillation shaft directly into a some glass wall and the noise causes the nearby guard to sound the alarm.".


    Like in the ugly picture i posted here, it makes sense for you to trigger an alarm because you stepped into the line of sight of awaken zeds (green) from the door but if you enter from the top parts where there is no vision theres really no reason for them to get alerted.




  15. Repair by parts would be a nice way to balance things around especially if they fix the droprates, thought i still thinks its a fundamental problem that we try to treat these essentially craft and forget low grade gear as something what needs its own stage.

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  16. Just a question but why do we even need the motor tool parts?


    Making both the Auger and the Chainsaw (and whatever else needs motor tool parts) craftable with Steel Tool parts fixes the whole issue, lightens the game a bit and the entire logic about needing moving parts can be replaced with mechanical+electrical parts.

  17. 40 minutes ago, pApA^LeGBa said:

    If they need to rely on that, i really don´t see any problem with a siren going off or something similiar. Make it indestructible and impossible to turn off. Still better than stealth not working for no reason at all and it could even trouble you more than now, because every zombie outside will also be alerted. So even more no stealth fighthing wich is what TFP wants.

    It doesnt even need anything like that.


    Make it trigger on entering the room to wake up all the zeds and place many of them around the poi so the player cant really get rid of them without risking triggering one.

  18. 58 minutes ago, meganoth said:

    We agree on stable, optimized and bug free (while I know for sure that it never ever will reach "bug free" and "optimized" is also not some flag post that can be reached). EDIT: And yes, those are targets for the release version, how we reach that is TFPs problem.


    We definitely don't agree on what "playable" is supposed to mean. I can only speak for me and a few people around me, but I play pure vanilla a lot. And judging from the conversations here a lot of other people do too.

    Playable as actually runs in an acceptable manner (whats acceptable is subjective to ones hardware).


    20 minutes ago, Roland said:

    Please tell me the names of the mods that must be installed to make the game playable. I’d really be interested to know which ones are doing the work that TFP should be doing and making the game the way it is intended to be.  Pretend I’m a new player that just downloaded the game because I must have missed the thread where everyone is helping new players by telling them to be sure to install these critical mods.  So what are your picks because the devs @%$#ed up and the game can’t run as intended without ______________, _____________, and ______________?

    I never said this game is at that point, it works pretty fine on its own thought i would be happy if some generic graphics commands would be already baked into the game so i dont need to retype them every time i load up the game.


    22 minutes ago, Roland said:

    Wait, let me guess one of them: Sorcery!  Right...? ;)

    That bugged mess managed to corrupt one of our maps, im never touching it ever.

  19. 10 minutes ago, meganoth said:

    "game supposed to be". Yeah well, so your taste is the center of the universe, and the devs and lots of other players tastes are aberrant and misguided. Sure. Go ahead. Makes discussion easy.


    You are right because you define you are right.😆

    "Game supposed to be" do you actually argue that the game shouldnt be playable, stable, optimized, bug free?



  20. 10 hours ago, Roland said:

    Then you're asking for no modding support-- which is problematic since this game was created on the idea that it would be fully moddable so that individuals and communities could tailor the game to exactly their preferences and add more depth in those areas they deem important. The vanilla game will be the dev's vision but no matter how packed that might be with content, there will come a day when you've wrung it dry and will be wanting more. But, now you've just stated that you hope there isn't more to be found from mods beyond the standard game.

    Its not the same.


    Its one thing when you have a modding community what compliments your game well like for Noita or when you have a modding community what essentially does the work of the devs by expanding their faulty product into a playable game like Hellgate London.


    Ofcourse when the main course runs dry you look for mods to spice up the gameplay but what im afraid of is the point where the mismanagment goes as far that i gotta need to download several separate mods just to play what the game supposed to be (Like how everyone and their mothers when someone says they are new to Skyrim will tell you to download 4 different mods to make the game work.)

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  21. 7 hours ago, pApA^LeGBa said:

    Wich still doesn´t change anything about the fact that you can cheese with a vehicle inside. I really don´t care but there is a chance that they come up with something else due to the easy cheese here. 


    I´d rather see improvements to difficulty elsewhere tough. There will always some kind of cheese possible during hordenight, it´s like fighting against windmills if you wanna keep the freedom in this game alive.

    True, its a pointless fight really.


    Would make much more sense to improve the many "weak" aspects of the game like electricity, traps, AI, optimization and soo on that one would think that some random guy's latest levitating block structure is the literal last in the list on what to fix.



    I seriously hope we dont go down the Bethseda road where we must actively seek mods to get more out of the game because everything is focused soo much on this anti-cheese.

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  22. On 10/14/2020 at 4:03 PM, Kalen said:

    Except, maybe they don't want you to know in advance.   Asking for some sort of notification letting you know what happened seems reasonable.   Asking for some sort of warning letting you know whats going to happen is probably not.

    Even if they dont want us to know, just make the zombies awake and moving around.


    Im not sure if theres anything in this game what looks worse then some random shambler doing a full 180 because you entered the room in full stealth gear. Also it doesnt need to be actual warning, these things can be used to set an atmosphere and also its quite possible to suprise a player without going for ceiling zombies and stuck in a furniture setups.




    1. Graveyard and other places where its ambient to find dead in the ground could have some random dead hidden by an instabreak dirt block so the player falls in the hole and has to wrestle with the undead there. Quite scary deal.
    2. If every dead could crawl we could have some fake ventillation point like looking places all around factories and bunkers where the dead crawls out and rushes at us in feral mode after we passed throught that point a bit. Makes people paranoid towards walls.
    3. One dead right behind where a door opens up so hes in coverage is always a good scare.
    4. The runner strike i mentioned has no signs expect the runner rushing at you and exploding alerting every dead in the building.
    5. Turn all the fake bodies ingame into zombie looking ones and randomly make one of them into zombies when hit.
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  23. On 10/12/2020 at 11:07 PM, Kalen said:

    Good ideas.... But:


    Either these traps are avoidable (by breaking or avoiding the blocks or killing the POI screamer) which TFP do not, apparently, want.

    Or they're unavoidable, which, as @Roland stated, would be super frustrating for people to actually see the trap but still be unable to avoid.


    To me, the best option would be some sort of "off camera" audio signal.   Not the most immersive idea, but at least it would clue the player in to the fact that something happened.

    I would much more prefer the idea electrical traps and warning signs.

    The problem is much more simple since we have 2 types of rooms avoidable sleepers and trigger ready sleepers, so all we need is the following:


    For the avoidable ones i propose the rigged doors and other actually avoidable traps. The idea is that they look like regular doors and bocks but when you open/hit them they make a loud noise. Examples:


    • A potted plant on a flimsy chair next to the door. When you open the door the plant falls and shatters alerting the undead. To avoid it you need to find where the plant is and go around it raising your stealth high enough would decrease the chance of triggering this one to 100%.
    • A beaten up door, same idea as previously expect that this door falls out of its place when opened.
    • Tripwire set up to a hidden speaker. Just not touch it.
    • Simple puzzle system where you need to walk around in a pattern to not trigger movement sensors or to place some weight on the right pressure plate to open the door.


    For the unavoidable ones i propose the idea of visual marking and no sleeper function. Examples:


    • Already awakened zeds and masses of bodies infront of the door. Pretty simple deal.
    • "AMBUSH" and other warning signs. The idea is to make the player know that there might be a trap in the room, there doesnt need to be always one to keep the players on edge. For example put the "Rabid dead!" on the boiler room in the shotgun messiah factory where the burning guys spawn, now there are no spawns in the actual room because they are on the other side of the room.
    • Runner strike. Simply let loose one bloodmoon type feral screamer in the POI what tracks the player and tries to fight it, when the screamer gets attacked it explodes triggering nearby zeds to attack.
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