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  1. Make 3 variants of each poi, mark them as A, B and C and make the game choose them randomly when placed. The base layouts are near identical to the point where you only notice the difference when you reach deeper into the poi like for example: SM factory A has its loot room on the top of the towers aka the current version. SM factory B has a hole coming down from the smelter where the flaming zombies are revealing a secret underground military base. SM factory C has its entire inner layout changed because it was taken over by survivors.
  2. Sadly because making them "spawn" would fix some issues around by somewhat randomising the loot you can find.
  3. This idea is mainly inspired by LBD but i think it can be used without it in A19 too. How about we put in a efficiency? You can pick up any tool and gear you want but if you dont have the proper perks for them you cant use them efficiently. Lets say you found an auto-shotgun on day 1, its a hella powerful weapon so you decide to raid an SM factory with it. You enter the first room with the counters and see a zed awake. You take aim, pull the trigger and the zed is dead while you got pushed back soo hard that you dropped your gun. Well no @%$#, you never learned how to use a shotgun not even an automatic one. The same can be applied to everything to some degree, as long as you dont have enough points in specific perks you can use a weapon properly. For our auto shotgun example you would need either 3 points in the shotgun perk or 5 points in strenght to make the effect go away. This makes sure that you can use the weapons in some way but you would rather not before speccing into them.
  4. Yeah i see but i dont understand why the pattern is like that. If something doesnt work in the experimental version and leaves you with wanting then why not adjust it again before putting it in the stable? Most games i know use the experimental versions to experiment and if something doesnt work out they scrap that before it goes into the next stable.
  5. Well as long as the problem persist i dont see a reason to stop this thread.
  6. Honestly increasing difficulty should change zombie behaviour and type related "perks", like spider zombies become more silent and sneak around, ferals become faster and fattos become more spongy. Also at this point any kind of change requies serious rebalancings because the devs are keep messing with the core aspects of the game like last time with the looting change now put us in a situation where players are complaining about how the stone age is both too long and boring, it is something what should have been checked around to gather opinions in the the exp.versions and adjusted before entering the stable variant but that last step was skipped entirely.
  7. Im honestly suprised just how popular that game got, most games will be happy to gain 20K players with a big patch and this game got 200K.
  8. Not at all but in MSG i if i fail stealth its mostly if not always is because i @%$#ed something up. That body was at the wrong place, was not accurate enough and soo on. Also in MSG if i alerted a bunch of enemies that did not mean that they are now having a target lock on my ass compared to here where if you step into a trigger zone the zombies not just wake up and start moving around but they know your exact position and are directly targetting you.
  9. I feel that if we ever get sexrex nerfed it will only make these t2 tools worse aswell as further slowing down the gameplay what is something we shouldnt consider in a game where you need to meet ends before every 7th day.
  10. Not always unless the mission is directly focused on killing a target but for example some missions in metal gear solid v even when you are confronted with an "alerted" enemy can be done in complete stealth.
  11. Considering the steamcharts data i dont think this game is close to reach any kind of "BIG" success. It works and gets people, the chart is rising slowly but its nothing compared to stuff like Among us what managed gain more than 200K players this year while being 2 year old or Apex legend what got released on steam and instantly gained 100K players.
  12. Honestly as things currently go the basebuilding aspect of this game gets more and more primitive. Since all zombies are structural engineers and know precisely where to attack to reach you in the shortest time, the whole thing is nothing more than those cheap TD games where your aim is a primitive kill corridor abusing the AI. You dont need to have high walls, defend all parts around your area, prepare an escape route, just make a big ramp with plenty of blade traps or just a big iron cage you can shoot from and you are good to go.
  13. Yeah but this didnt fixed the initial problem of players getting bored. All it made is to shift around payers getting bored from engame to players getting bored from reaching endgame. The early game is utterly boring, just as it was because gameplay and content wise nothing got added but the whole thing got slowed down. Its the same as players complaining that theres no endgame and the game is short in an mmorpg so the devs cut all exp gain in half. Nothing is fixed, theres no new things to do and for most player the game is still the same.
  14. I gotta thank you for the further testing, i usually dont have the time to do such thing thanks to work and family so in most cases i only have numbers to work with.
  15. Does this mod changes zombie AI? I mean are they the same regular pathing zombies searching for structural weaknesses or do they actually act like zombies?
  16. Yeah, i made a copy for now. We will decide later if its worth having a secondary version or make it our main game.
  17. See the second paragraph you quoted. Fix the issue what causes them to affect fps this much.
  18. Yea except that electricity and zombies are core elements of the game while the coffee pot is not. No i want them to fix those items so this feature can come alive.
  19. Is there any way to install this while keeping the original files in the same folder? I would prefer to keep the original game to play with my brother and this version to play solo without having to double install.
  20. Thats true but the whole game looks like that, everything has hard edges and few polygons. 7D2D on the other side as i said still has an entire biome floor looking like some stretched out flat image, sinks what does not seem to have real depth and some of the most horrid water i ever seen. No back again, i didnt want to diss how the game looks because im okay with it but wanted to point out that items shouldnt ever be in a game if they are capatable of breaking it just be existing.
  21. It reminds me of that infamous skyrim mod what boosts fps by simply removing freacking thousands of meaningless clutter/decoration items. Seriously if something whats basically nothing but a container causes problems in the game it should be removed/remade. Seriously who is going to notice if TFP decreases the poly-count for it? (hint this mod on the pics only removed rocks)
  22. I understand that but what is the reason for those to have high poly count at all? Looking at how a coffee pot looks like ingame its nothing too fancy to justify having high poly count compared to for example a generator what player can actually make and may place more than 1. Warframe looks pretty good thought they are no longer a small studio because they grow out from that stage around 2016-17 (im not sure the exact date). Deep rock galactic left early access this year, it looks pretty good. My point is that i cant shake it off why a game where one of the biome floor looks like some poster laid down on the ground have trees lagging the players and other questionable elements. Im okay with the voxel system using up lots of power and how big holes can cause problems but im not okay with such sillyness.
  23. Just a question but how did that even happen? I dont want to sound negative but the whole game is kind of ugly even for 2015 standards, so i dont understand how can something what looks like early 2010 graphics have that high poly count that it runs an active chance of lagging up a game especially considering that it doesnt even have any moving parts like a turret for example.
  24. Thats true, the idea of this discussion sparked when roland claimed that steel tools are massively overpowered early game. Originally i wanted to discuss that this is not the case but after making some calculations its true. The point where i got suprised is the fact that if you on day one or in the first week get your hand on an iron tool due to the stamina requierement they are technically "downgrades" because you feel like it burns up your reserves too quickly while with steel the stamina burn throught is still true but its much closer to stone variants.
  25. Okay heres the thing, if we take all of that into account meaning you are buffed by drinks and food, running the proper perks and have all the books you are still better with stone and steel tools because they all affect everything in the same way. It doesnt matter much in the argument how much perks and buff you amass if they all affect the same item type, the perk what increases the damage of the stone axe is the same what increases the damage of the steel and iron pixaxe. My entire discussion on this thread is about how without any skills and boosts steel tools are the universally superior choice while iron is being the worst tool of choice. You must have seen atleast 1 thread about how gamebreaking was finding steel tools on day 1, this is exactly about that. The steel tools are drastically overpowered compared to iron and only slightly better than stones.
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