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  1. It's laughable what people consider "choices" when they actually mean "illusion of choice" and misrepresent what people actually say. Instead of saying Hello, I can say Hi! making important choice here Which classic RPG does not allow an increase in punching damage when you raise your strength? Which classic RPG does not require strength to wield Machine Gun? Breaking new ground here as you say nope just your opinion
  2. The correct course of action is to overhaul the attributes so that each complements all playstyles but particularly good for specific playstyles. Honestly I don't like the idea of fortitude and strength being split. It makes zero sense to be there I don't see any reason to put Q6 crafting on a Pedestal of The Gods. The ability to craft it should be available, not restricted. The very idea that a survivor does not have a way to craft a Q6 stone axe is laughable. I was surprised it even made it out of meeting I don't like the idea of weapon perks being tied to any attribute at all. Attributes should not increase damage directly to compensate for poor enemy scaling, attributes should improve your character at the direction that suits your playstyle. Nobody should be forced to go shotgun simply because they like mining, nobody should be forced to go sniper rifle if they like to go looting. If someone wants to go Fortitude and Agility build and specialize in sniper rifle then let them because that's called a marksman
  3. Ideally, instead of a hard and rigid "these stats allow for these weapons", attributes affect weapons differently, such that you'd naturally lean towards a specific weapon with specific attributes, or specific attributes for specific weapons For example, let's say the stats do these: Perception: increased crit chance, increased melee weapon range by percentage. Rifles have high damage, wildly inaccurate when hip firing, relatively low base damage but high crit multiplier, you move slowly when carrying one. Spears have extra weapon range multiplier Strength: reduced ranged weapon recoil, reduced melee stamina use Shotguns have high damage, quite accurate, but wild recoil that effectively negates quick consecutive firing. Clubs / sledges have extra high melee base damage with extra high stamina use Fortitude: increases move speed while carrying a weapon, increased melee base damage Machine guns have extra slow reload animation, you move slowly when carrying one. High clip size, high attack speed, reduced recoil during ADS, but low base damage. Brawling has low base damage but extra multiplier to it Agility: increased hip fire accuracy, increased weapon reload speed, increased melee attack speed Pistols and SMGs have moderate damage, moderate attack speed, relatively low clip size, extra reload speed bonus. Archery has extra accuracy bonus to hip fire. Knives can cause bleeding that stacks with itself Intellect: reduced equipment degradation, increased crafting quality every 2 points Batons and turrets have high base damage, high attack speed, but very low durability and no innate multiplier. So let's say you spec into Strength, but you don't use shotguns for whatever reason. You can use it in conjunction with machine guns for the extra reduced recoil, but shotguns will naturally attract you because even with reduced recoil machine guns make you move slowly while shotguns let you move much faster. Still, no real harm in doing so! If you spec into Agility, you can play to your strength and spray bullets everywhere hoping some will connect, or use it to shore up your machine gun's low reload speed, or rifle's very low clip size If you spec into Intellect, you'll have none of those benefits, but to compensate you'd be able to craft higher quality items that allows some degree of mistakes here and there What about non Intellects? How do they craft higher quality weapons? Well ideally you'd be able to upgrade your weapons using extra parts and whatnot, Intellect doesn't need to do that thus saving resources
  4. Cheese means somebody got upset that you don't spend the same amount of time and effort as they did because they didn't think of doing that Cheese means somebody got upset that you understood the mechanics of the game and took advantage of it to not die Cheese means somebody got upset that you used everything in your disposal to not die. You shouldn't do that Cheese means somebody got upset that you exercised too much freedom in your archictetural project and the zombies haven't been taught to deal with that Cheese just means you've defeated the game. Now you either restrain yourself or move on
  5. There's no such thing as Purple Military Stealth Boots. It's strictly craft only and it's literally impossible to craft purple boots The idea for Military Stealth Boots is that if you're using Military Boots but going stealth build, you're going to use Advanced Muffled Connectors anyway, which doesn't completely silence the boots. Stealth Boots skips that and removes a slot for completely silent military boots If you don't care about stealth, stealth boots is always strictly worse simply because it can only have 3 mod slots
  6. That's the game flushing out unnecessary objects from memory.
  7. I'm using the map generated for B180 using compopack 44 and as far as the map itself have no issue. I do however get RAM issues, for some reason lately my 16GB RAM isn't enough after a while the situation gets so bad the game grinds to a halt and I either kill it or it crashes. Anyone else have a similar issue?
  8. is there an entry point to the generated highway, or do i need to manually build one (and consequently the exits)?
  9. I understand that everyone have "bad days" and need to lash out in all sorts of ways to feel better. I just wish you don't do it with your moderator account I understand that in an international forum not everyone understands all English terminologies, so allow me to elaborate: "dismissing" is not the same as "censoring". Your argument of "eh everything is subjective anyway, so all arguments are pointless" is dismissive, as in "regarding something as nothing worth looking into". That's not even a matter of "feelings", that's just objective observation So, they're Easy to kill, and Attack often, and Spawns infinitely, and Zeroes in on you on vehicle, negating the point of using vehicle for fast travel and Don't even do much I don't see which part of that doesn't describe the problem. Yes, they don't exist in 40% of the biomes. Great. We're talking about where vultures exist This is how low you go? I comment twice voicing my concern, and here I am branded as a Martyr of Anti-Vulture Side? It's not like I was talking to you as if you're representative of Reasonable Devs for Vultures or something, but off you go with stupid blasts like that. YOU said "everyone gets a say, especially the ones you disagree with", so what the hell was that martyr thing about? Do I get singled out because I didn't say "REE VULTURE BAD ME NO LIKE"? Do I get singled out because I happen to agree on multiple issues that happen to have vultures as the problem? But sure, point taken. I'll stay silent
  10. This is a very dismissive view of the matter. For the specific example of vultures, there's actually a perfect analogy: Cliff Racers. Pretty much everyone agreed that something so easy to kill but incessantly harass you is annoying. So much so that Bethesda never tried anything like that again since 2008 Arguments like "mod it out" are so hollow, I can't believe people actually use it. The game is in Alpha, features still change. THIS is the time to ask for changes in gameplay mechanics. Once the game goes gold, then mechanics are pretty much set in stone. THAT is the time to ask people how to mod it out for personal pleasure If people don't complain, then we'd still have many bears and wolves trotting about in broad daylight
  11. This so much. People always conflate the two and barrage real concerns down with a lot of words that would've sufficed with "git gud"
  12. I noticed that back in A18.4 and also in A19 B153. At the time I attributed it to my mouse's extremely high DPI, but now I suppose it wasn't just my mouse
  13. As much as it's true, I like roleplaying as a looter and lucky looter is part of that, along with scavenger and lockpicker (yes yes they're useless, I know, I still love 'em) I personally play as pistol toting looter just scavenging the remnants of civilization. I have to spread my skill points to support that playstyle. I don't particularly like the current system, much as I understand its benefits. Personally, I'd abolish the attribute system altogether and just leave perks. All attribute does is number game and perk gatekeeping, I'd rather the perks are free to take, gated only by the requirement of getting up its own ranks. Each combat skill needs their own primitive weaponry to allow someone to specialize in it as early as possible, and replace those stone axes
  14. I refuse to see it as a challenge, simply because it isn't. "Challenge" is a very broad excuse more often than not used to justify lack of quality of life, and has nothing to do with an accomplishment. For example, it would also be a "challenge" if the game has no indicator or preview of where the block would be placed and its alignment. It'd be unplayable yes, but also challenging
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