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  1. That's what I get for trying to update at midnight. I installed the update to a totally dif directory instead of pointing to my existing one. Thanks for the help, and I'll take a look at my logs a bit close next time!
  2. Mac Client Log: https://pastebin.com/nYGNzSuy. Windows 10 Client Log: https://pastebin.com/ANK2fyRa Ubuntu Server Log: https://pastebin.com/QtQgzwmM also noticed the inventory is broken on motorcycles when it is selected holding "e" and navigating and letting go of click on inventory hover. (happened on Windows client) all other functions work with the motorcycle expanded menu. While on the Windows machine, the "r" key started to work on looted items and all containers (last night). I don't know how I could recreate this. The Other Windows 10 users at the time are still experiencing this bug.
  3. I will get these to you around lunchtime today.
  4. I run a vanilla server and am experiencing the same problems with the r key. I also noticed that sort button doesn't function anymore. you click, it makes a sound, and nothing happens but the button sound itself.
  5. I am experiencing the exact same issue and I am running a completely vanilla game. No mods whatsoever. The sort button also doesn't work (no error, just when you click, nothing happens except the sound the button makes) I updated the server last night via steamcmd on a machine running Ubuntu server.
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