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  1. its a bug that you suffer from or you dont. i was on a server that had a few people with no issue and a bunch with the issue. its so random. i completely uninstalled the game and reinstalled and it didn't do anything.
  2. as the subject, i got the update today and did they mean to make super corn useless now? with 19 I'm having to constantly eat so keeping a stack of super corn made life a little easier. but the food value went from 20 to 3 and the health from 10 to 1 point. its no different than regular corn now. i seem to be one of those hit with the food consumption bug so it was really useful for that part. but not now. and I say it's a bug bc I have timed it, just running around a city. no fighting or anything else like that. but i went from 100 food to 50 in seven min. that seems a it off.
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