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  1. It's not about "slowly progressing" its about a more natural progression or natural feel to the game. The current state feels very unatural, and Even in days 7-14 Im still finding @%$*#!ing stone age tools where there realistically would be GUNS. in a realistic game, stone age tools are what you would CRAFT, and guns are what would FIND. In a post apocalyptic "modern" survival situation, tools would be made from some primitive materials, until people find a house or place that has actual tools like a steel axe or a chainsaw (and then theyd be looking for gas) You wouldn't find 5 @
  2. except now the game is boring, because its all perk based, and you still have to grind exp, and the only real way to get exp is kill zombies.... when before that was helpful to level up, but you still could get exp from crafting so grinding zombie kills is better? game sure is fun now that I have to kill zombies to level up...said no one ever EDIT: I should say that the game was still playable and fun prior to a19, now it literally is just a grind fest to get my gamestage higher so I can actually find good weapons instead of a blunderbuss in every gun safe. I literally
  3. This would be the perfect way to do it, dont get me wrong NOTHING IS WRONG WITH HAVING PERKS, but if they want realism and immersion, the LBD method for basic skills like armor crafting&repair, and tools was much better and then supplement with perks/books. Ideally a no perk system, but LBD & find books to learn system would be the most realistic and natural progression BUT that would kill alot of good balance aspects of the game, or theyd have to be re-coded which could be difficult (IE: Well insulated perk would be a nightmare to try and code to show resistance to elements naturally
  4. Im perfectly fine with a perk+LBD system, Theres some things that naturally dont "fit well" with LBD, such as learning how to craft a pistol, that makes sense that you need to learn it through a book/perk. also Perks could be a nice supplement to LBD, the build before they removed LBD nailed it spot on IMO (aside from a few things they couldve smoothed over) but It doesnt make sense to me that you can make 100 wooden clubs and somehow you still havent gotten any better at it. Finding @%$*#!ty weapons in sealed crates where youd normally expect good weapons is just silly. Ha
  5. Title. Reading the notes for A19 and all of the B's after it: they state they are nerfing alot of perks, and nerfing the ability to find high tier loot like shotguns early on, and have this overly convoluted thing about how they are going to make progress feel "more natural" I'll Tell you one thing that would make progress feel natural, is the "spam crafting" items back, and items levels 1thru 100 that slowly progresses as you use the skill more and more, the skill gets better. (remember athletics? that felt more natural, the more you run the better you are at running
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