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  1. My mom recently bought a computer with an Radeon RX 6800 XT in it and it runs all games perfectly fine, except 7D2D. The performance is fine, but in specific locations on the map, she gets this odd graphical bug. I wouldn't call it artifacts, it's more or less a texture fading in and out. The only way I can reproduce the issue is to fly around to a location that it starts happening in. We know it happens at her base in the back yard near the pool and a few other locations, but it is rather random. I run an IT Department and have for 20+ years so I've done all the typ
  2. Firstly, thanks for creating an alternative map maker for 7D2D! It's so nice having options and something that can generate so quickly. Quick Question: Is there anyway possible to get this to generate POI's like the native map maker? What I mean by that is the native generator seems to create residential, commercial, and industrial "areas" and spread similar POI's away from one another. However, I noticed with Nitrogen, it's completely random... for example... at one intersection I had a mansion, an industrial building, a store, and trailer, and a few doors down, the same type of
  3. One suggestion I'd like to throw out there in case it hasn't already, but a "mini-map" on the HUD would be great (like GTA V for example). It would be EXTREMELY helpful when traveling so I don't have to keep pulling up the entire full map every turn to make sure I'm going the correct way. To add on to this, perhaps a craftable GPS for, say, the 4x4 truck? You could select a POI on the map and the GPS will give you directions there. I know this is the zombie zombie apocalypse but GPS satellites should still be working since they are solar powered and out in orbit. Perhaps make them unusable whi
  4. Thanks Guys. I missed the dev thread. In A18, I had the dishong tower in the middle of a massive city along with pop-in-pills HQ, shotgun HQ, and shamway HQ. Perhaps I was just lucky? Who knows, but that map was amazing... There was a smaller city to my south which bordered the snow area, and a massive city to my north which had 3 or so large cities around it as well. There was a main road connecting the north and south cities and a small dirt road with a few buildings which is where I built my base which was surrounded by lakes. It was just a perfect spot and setup. It is what it is I suppose
  5. I understand this game is Alpha and has bugs, I get it, but let me get this straight. In the Alpha 19 notes, it says for a random gen world it will place ONE copy of EACH POI BEFORE creating duplicates? So why is it that on every... single... seed I've tried/previewed (at least in B178) I have duplicate Shamway/Shotgun HQ's all over the place but yet not a single navezgane high school, pop-in-pills HQ, Crack-a-book HQ, dishong tower, etc?! I've verified this by reviewing the XML file as well as using editing tools/preview tool and flying around the entire map. These are 8K maps mind you.
  6. How are the buildings are that seed? Every single seed I've tried since the B178 update has been nothing but duplicate buildings. I'll have Shamway and Shotgun HQ's all over the place, sometimes the same one next door/across the street... but yet there won't be a single, say, Pop-In-Pills on the entire map. I thought every single POI is only supposed to be generated once before starting duplicates?
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