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  1. If I stand perfectly still and just watch my food meter I lose 1 food every 130 seconds. Is that how it's supposed to work?
  2. Yes they've placed an emphasis on one of the most annoying parts of the game. We're playing a food service simulator with some zombies thrown in and if you're up for it you can build yourself a nice base to rez in after you starve to death 😄
  3. I guess the challenge I'm looking for is more zombie related.
  4. I don't think anyone is saying it's impossible to deal with the food mechanics. What people are saying is that dealing with the new adjustments isn't fun. And they're right.
  5. So today I learned that russian e-hookers don't know how to use paragraphs. This game is broadening my horizons!
  6. Just created an account to see if anyone was talking about the food issue. I've read a few of the replies and it seems that the opinions are mixed. My experience is that I'm ALWAYS hungry or starving. Filling the bar up doesn't help for very long and I'm several levels away from good recipes. I've never had problems managing hunger before. This change seems too aggressive and it makes the game less fun. I play with 8 other people on private server and no one is logging in because getting enough food to function normally in the game has become incredibly annoying. That's really the bottom line, it's not impossible to survive...it's annoying. Every time I start to have fun on a quest or get into building a cool base my stomach starts growling and it's annoying. And before you guys jump down my throat I realize we could probably do a few things to mitigate our hunger and it will probably be a non-issue in the later levels. I know that. But that sort of gameplay isn't fun and no one I know wants to put up with it. We want to run around killing zombies, not open a restaurant.
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