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  1. Thank you for this helpful post. I had no problems before the update, so I guessed, that it is a Generell problem of the update and thought, that someone else have the same problem and a solution for it. Yes, I could post some logs of something, but it is not a client based problem, because all players of the server have the same problems. The Server is still the same like before the update. Tried it with two different worlds. But thanks, close this thread, it isn't helpful. I will try it furthermore on my own, or asking on reddit.
  2. I don't really understand, what you want to say to me. I tried to start with EAC and without. The map is new and all players of the server have the same issues. I don't know, how the logs are helping for the fps drops. But I think, that no one can really help here. Everytime I just got the link to an Information thread, others with simular problems got no answers. I guess the help section isn't really helpful.
  3. I would be thankful for every help. I cannot play with this laggs
  4. Hey there Since the last update my and my gfs game is just unplayable. We don't have very good PCs, but it worked very well till now. Now my fps drops from 50 to 2 every few minutes. Mostly when I fight the screen is frozen. Everytime I turn around the game stucks. But just till b173. Any ideas what I can do? I tried lowest graphic settings, did the resolution lower, distance viewing lower... Playing with a nitrogen map on a nitrado server. All three players have the same issues
  5. Hello My friends and me got this message multiple times and can't open ESC anymore. I tried to restart the server, installed 7dtd new, but still get this error. Does anyone have an idea?
  6. I created a whole 8k map, but the cities won't load. I drive to the city and the buildings disappear. Just when I resetchunk Sr, they come back, but I can't do this every chunk and every time I play the game. Any ideas?
  7. I have updated all the files and got this: Serverside and ientside installed
  8. I have the compopack 43 installed. Can I just drop in the new files to prefab and let the rwgmixer of 43? Thank you very much
  9. Hi there Is there any source where i see how much EP per level is requierd? Thanks
  10. I have the same issues at my game, but i used the newest nitrogen version for A19 and compopack 43. My problem ingame is, that whole cities aren't there, because of this failure. Any tipps?
  11. Hello I have troubles with the xvanilla prefabs. Everytime when I start the game it couldn't load any prefabs of xvanilla. Seems to be not existent. Is there any way to get them? Seems to come from NitroGen. Is there any new Compopack?
  12. Hi there Yesterday I died on top of an POI. After climbing back on it, I saw the backpack on the map, but I can't find it. I searched in the whole POI, on the top and in each floor. Is there any way to find it? I can use all tricks because it's my server with friends. Please help me
  13. Unlex

    Riles-HUDPlus Mod

    Is this client based or also works with server?
  14. Hi folks, is there a way to edit player files on my server? I found a old program for A15, but i doesn't work anymore. Thank you
  15. Oh, i did search for something like that. On PS4 i used always this themed chests like ammochest, etc. Thank you! I will try this
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