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  1. i've been trying (unsuccessfully) to modify the sounds for the auger. So far I haven't found the setting for when it actually hits something. I can change the base sounds to something else but not the damage sounds. If anyone knows where this is in the XML it would be awesome if you would share.
  2. Yes, in game time did pass while no one was on the server if the forges or workbenches were functioning. There are only two of us that use the server so it was easy to know when anyone was on the server or not.
  3. It was great! I would start 6 cement mixers running making concrete. I'd come back later and it would all be done. I'm thinking it wasn't supposed to work that way and it got fixed in A19 which will be sad for a part time player.
  4. Hello, So in A18 it was helpful to load up a crafting station, for instance a Forge, with wood, set it to doing what it needed to do and logging out. I would come back hours later or the next day and it would be done. This is helpful for those of us that only get an hour here and there to play to still get things done. But, in A19, I loaded up the Forge with wood and raw materials. I logged back in later and the time had not moved at all and obviously the forge had not done any processing. If I was closing the game down I would obviously understand, but on a dedicated server it would be great for the instance to stay live if something is going on even if no player is logged in. Was this an intentional change to game mechanics or did I miss some value in my server config? Thanks
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