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  1. oh will look out for this one, thx
  2. Hello fellow zombies exterminators, For me the game is way past alpha. Its stable and offers a ton of stuff to do an enjoy. Thats why I would love to see some small stuff adressed I encouter everytime I play. If you know a way to do those things in the game let me know. Here is my list of small stuff please add yours too: - make stacks splitable. Transfering 500 wood into the forge is a pain atm. - make so you can pick up more stuff like doors, ladders, traps etc. its a pain having to destoy your door just because it doesn't open the way you want. - Add an Icon to books an receipes that tell you if you already now them - Something so you can compare baseline stats of equipments without having to take the mods out. - Highlight the cube you are aiming at with your repair/upgrade tool with an indication of the upgrade you can do and ressources needed - Add trucks/school bus in the game for more transport capabilities - Make a signal wiring tool and a power wiring tool so you can actually turn all your defenses on at the same time - Make different loot drops more reliable. Some loot drops have a hughe impact on the game like pocket upgrades, honney from trees, recycling doorknops, beaker etc. - some form of static indication. Perhaps start to play a noise wen your construction gets to the limit of what it can hold. - Some form of indication what zombie AI you are facing. Are you facing a high tech zombie with gps and nav system or are you facing a mindless wreckingball. Like some kind of red glow once they are enraged wrecking machines instead of player killing machines - Make shift + click load stuff into forges etc. - Make "R" take everyhing from the output slots in workbenches - Craftbench times are in real time not in game time. This can be confusing. Add an option to switch it or display both maybe? - Make picking up vehicles empty there inventory into yours and if enough space pick them up - Some form of visual indication if stuff is loaded into your vehicle, Make a bag apear on top of your bicycle, the tube of your motorcycle overflow, some boxes aprear in your 4x4 - I don't get wet cement. Placing iron frames and transform them into cement gives a hughe amount of xp but placing wet cement doesn't at all. Perhaps make wood frames for building cement block instead of the wet cement - Harmonize the shapes you can do with different stuff. You can build forms with wet cement and upgrade it but you can not do them with iron frames... thats it for now , if i come across other stuff I will add it - please make so you can see the stats of items before you craft them - Please make so you have an indication of the quality of the starts of an item. Perhaps something like ad a "+" if its bether than average, "++" if its the best you can get, "-" if its lower than average, "--" the lowest you can get. - Please indicate which level of skill you need to unlock the crafting of items - Please indicate not only the amount of stuff you picked up but also the amount of that item you have in your inventory
  3. ladder ? I was standing on the ground in the middle of it
  4. Personaly not going to do that. Don't see the point of buildling a base in a zombie infested land if it can't withstand a zombie attack. Feels kind of cheeseing to me. I will deactivate the horde in survival game and go for every day horde nights run if i want to play tower defense
  5. thx for your input, have no idear who you are talking about since i have over 300 hours gameplay and 20 bases but anyway. Thats kind of my point it feels like horde night is a seperate game like something that is not integrated in the rest of it. Have made runs with horde night every night, 200% loot and 300% block damage. Had fun with it. Its just that at the moment it is a wired thing hitting you in the face in the middle of survival game. One way would to make more hordes spawn in the "normal" game so the difference would feel less hughe for instance.
  6. more like almost all during horde...
  7. I made a test with a base that is just a C, made the zombies spawn on the backside and they don't walk around even thow the other side is litteraly open. nothing to do with tombies in POI who find there way through hughe mazes
  8. I am not complaining its to hard, I am saying the games doesn't teach you how to deal with it. Not the same at all. The games makes you play for 7 hours and sudenly throws something completly different at you. It feels like you are not playing the same game any more, the zombies don't even behave the same way. Its is absolutly not intuitive ! so yeah newbees who don't know how the games works are complaining because loosing 14h of game because the games throws something at you that you have never seen is a pain. I have never ask for the horde night to be easyer if you read the post above. Yeah sure in the lategame wen you got motordrill and all ressources you could ever want. In this situation I agree that farming xp is almost the only thing you care about. But in the early stages its not the same, you are not even garantied to have acces to an Chemistry Station because you are unlucky and don't find any Beaker. And on the other hand having to farm something in order to deal with a ressource sink is not something i can agree on. For me it means that there is something wrong with the ressouce sink which is not shredding the right ressources. I am not saying that there isn't any base in which you can fight. I am saying you should be able to come up with designs while playing the game instead of having to look up basedesigns just to survive. If you want to do it, in order to be more efficent, get some new idears or what else yeah sure, but not so you don't loose hours of gameplay. Well no its not. In my experience some zombies use gps and navigations systems and other don't move 2 blocks to the side to go through an open space. You point out something interesting they spend dev times to come up with ai changes so they can play cat and mouse with the cheesers, and that is for me not the right approche. There will be always someone looking for exploits to do stuff. In my opignion you should give the player a reason to play the game you want him to and not force him to play it the way he doesn't want to.
  9. If I would spend my time on something else instead of getting my base ready for the horde I would bet xp too (and loot on top), so i don't realy agree with the arguement that xp is the reward for horde night. Its a hughe ressource sink thats true but for the amount of ressources and time it takes i feel just xp is far to low as a reward. I agree that it still should be a sink and not a way to farm ressources but a bit more encouragement to fight them would be nice in my opignion. In my experience if I kill a Zombie 5 seconds later the replacement is there. It doesn't really feel to me like a long enough delay. Personaly not a fan of the explosif since it would meen spending my time mining ressources. Not really how i enjoy the game Love your idear of random horde nights, would be a nice mod to play My experience is the blood moon horde zombies tend to ram there head against the wall instead of malking 2 squares to the open door. Last experience was me standing on top of a ladder going all the way to the ground and 95% of the zombies just bashing the pillars. Even had instances where the zombie stops running towards me (with no obstacles at all between me and him) turns right and starts banging against the wall. Thats all in alpha 18.
  10. Hello fellow zombie slayers, First things first. Great game! I love it and spend a hughe amount of time on it! Keep up the good work! I feel that the horde night is in a weird place at the moment and wanted to see what other players think about it. I am not really sure what it is but i am tempted to just deactivate it which is not really the point of having such a nice feature in the game. Building a base is a huge investement of time and ressources and doing so just to see that its not working and your whole base gets wrecked makes for a real frustrating horde night experience. I guess thats also the reason why people go for cheese base builds because its actually really hard to make a base in which you can fight the zombies and that even for me with over 200hours gameplay. My first thought is that the zombie behaviour during horde night is nothing like the zombies behaviour during the rest of the game. I mean in POI the zombies find their way through 3 floors of maze to run towards you but during horde night they don't even reliably use ladders but only hit the pillars next to it. This "suddenly" different behaviour makes it hard to learn what a "good" base should look like. The other thing is that during horde night you encounter zombies you have never seen before, which again makes it hard to anticipate how you should build your base. For instance you fight against meele zombies all the time and sudenly you have spitters that make your whole constructon fall apart. Once again you discover new features of the game in the worst possible moment. The other thing is that surviving the horde night is actually not rewarding at all. The basic traps don't even give xp and you get more xp from building the base than for surviving the horde night. The amount of zombies you face is bigger than in any POI but you get nothing out of it. On top of that if you kill a zombie another just spawns, so why spend ammo? Just more reasons to go for a "cheese" base design because the only thing you care about is surviving with using as little ressources as possible. Stuff you could change to adress the above points are for instance: - In the day before horde night send one wave of zombies. You can put the day number in orange for instance. This way you could test your design and have 24 in game hours to adapt to it - Make so you encounter the different types of zombies and the different behaviours more reliably outside of horde night. Perhaps have a early game version of exploding, spitting, regenerating zombies. - You could make a quest to kill x zombies during horde night, and the more you kill the more reward you get. Perhaps through radio coms from the nearest vendor - Make horde night zombies drop more loot and make the loot last at least until morning - Have a bigger delay between killing a zombie and a new zombie spawning, so killing zombies during horde night actually helps you defend your base What do you think of the horde night? what would you change? Happy killing zombies everyone!
  11. thats not what i am noticing in the game, thats why i post it. could be a feature indead except that in certain cases they do. Even the crossrun is preductible, the second one runs the same way the first does which makes me think its not a feature since in that case it should be more random.
  12. Thx for the info. my problem is thats a alpha 18 bug and there is no section for those any more.
  13. Hello, i noticed that the zombies rarely run strait towards me. It seams like the can only walk in strait lines or in 45° angles to the baseline grid. So if you stand anywhere else they tend to run to your right or to your left instead of strait at you (what i would expect from a zombie), and then sudenly turn and run strait at you. This makes aiming actually rather dificult since there mouvements are dictated by an invisible baseline grid which makes it hard to predict.
  14. Hello, i started a new game to build an underground base and its working well execpte wen zombies are spawned. The games starts to lag and even freezes completly regulary. During blood moon hordes the games crashes easely 5 times. I am surprised not to find anything about that here. Wenn they spawn then don't seem to find any path, just trying to climb the mountain even thow i am under them. I have to bait by running out of the base in order to avoid crashes.
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