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  1. You get empty cans back when you drink them. I'm not sure if that is a bug then, but the strategy we used was to keep all the empty cans we got and turn them into cans of boiled water because we would get the cans back each time we consumed it. This allowed us to stay hydrated even if we got dysentery up to 66% from drinking multiple cans of water (10% dysentery from can of boiled water). To get bottles of water you need to be able to craft the empty glass jars in bulk which requires a blacksmith forge and mold. Molds are fairly easy to make, getting the forge is the tricky part. Until then, the only reasonable way to get water consistently is with cans, which can be annoying because they don't stack, but at least you don't instantly die from thirst.
  2. Hello all, I've been playing this game with my buddy on and off for the past month or so and we are about to start the second horde night, I'm somewhat shocked we survived the first horde night because we ran around like idiots the first couple game days trying to figure things out. It was great fun and now I enjoy this mod the most. We've been having a hard time finding a research desk but recently lucked out and got a workbench and blacksmith forge so we got that going for us at least. Anyways, I'm trying to plan our base design expansions and so far we've been upgrading a game building that was flagstone and expanding it with cobblestone walls as needed. My question is in regards to obtaining concrete or sticking with iron blocks for outer base walls. We are close to obtaining an auger (3 chapters out of 4) and I want to know the viability of crafting bulk concrete (which is time consuming) or sticking with iron blocks which are relatively fast and easy to repair with scrap iron (easy to get from smelting iron ore and recovering the iron scrap from the forge). Is it possible to repair the auger with a basic repair kit, or do you need one of those newer "XXX Repair Kit" items? Thanks for the help!
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