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  1. What settings do the cameras have? I have the power, camera, camera, bridge set up, but I still can't get both cameras to operate to open the bridge. If I run through both cameras, it will lower, but not just a single camera
  2. What settings do the motion detectors have to be on. I have the power -> motion -> motion -> drawbridge, but unless I hit both sensors, it doesn't work
  3. Not sure how to wire it this way. I went power, to camera one, then to camera two, then drawbridge, but I cannot get the drawbridge to drop.
  4. Hello all you experts I'm trying to get my powered drawbridge to lower when coming and going, but I cannot the correct placement for my motion sensor. Any help would be appreciated. I know it is possible because I finally got the correct placement for the powered vault door.
  5. Greetings so playing with friends on an unmoded server, we found a rank 6 rocket launcher. Funny thing, can’t figure out what FOUR mods that can be put in at once. We have a laser scope and two others but can’t find a fourth to put in to maximize the weapon
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