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  1. I have been trying hard to get the Backpack buttons to work but can figure it out. I have the right folder in the Mods folder. but when i enter the game there is no change. I see some comments saying it wont work in the multiplayer games that im playing in, but it also wont work in a new single player game. Any ideas?
  2. I think this was a huge mistake. When I read the patch notes, I thought to myself, " Ya its a little OP, I bet they like halve the stats" got into the game and looked at one of the stacks I had in my box, and my jaw dropped. I was like, "oh they dont want anyone to use this at all, I see". At 3 hunger and 1 hp this is now literally worse than regular corn since it cant be cooked into other meals. There is literally no use for it at all, so if this is the way its going to stay may as well rename the stuff "Super S**t Corn" because the idea of farming this, or even harvesting it from the POI is a total waste of time. If you are cooking enough meat for feed a 4 person crew, you have SO many bones its obscene. the idea of farming this for glue is just stupid. Honestly I loved the idea of something like this in the game that was only obtainable if you knew how to get it, now it feels like "Taza's Stone Axe" why the hell even have it in the game? THe right way to deal with the issue of this being op was to make other foods better, more fun, more appealing, etc. Oh well.
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