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  1. In the one Slawa linked
  2. Archon worked for me but not very often, didn't try to spawn it in. It just came on horde night a few times. I couldn't get the electrical noise from the wizard projectiles to stop without a restart though, probably a duration thing. I'm looking forward to seeing what you did
  3. Sounds like you need to dig into the XML for Horde Night and fix the Spawn Script. It got overlooked and it should be an easy fix. IDK where that is yet though. Fun Pimps made it easy to edit but you have to poke around to figure out where they put everything I've done several horde nights without any problems and after the third one I started to see lots of the custom zombies because our game stage got high enough You might just need to SteamValidate your files. They get corrupted all the time.
  4. Xeraphim

    Robeloto's Modlets

    My desire to experience this in a19 makes my buttocks clench with anticipation and reminds me distinctly of Powdered Toast Man™
  5. I've had the privilege, until their admin team decided to go taking a conversation out of context then changing the words entirely to invent a slanderous fraud as excuse to get rid of me because one of their local sociopaths happens to dislike me, of enjoying the work of an extremely talented duo of coders that has made a lot of deep mods to the game to create a very thorough revamp that adds a ton of playability to 7d2d. Head over to primalragegaming.com, tell them Xeraphim sent you. You'll want to work with TheReaper and LordSlaughter, in the event they are even interested in working with you (they tend to be a bit fickle). Their list of custom zombies and custom debuffs was in the dozens before a19 and they probably intend to do that again.
  6. Somewhat ported over. I am not experienced in modding 7d2d and things just came up that might prevent me from doing more with this. Most of the weapons work but the loot table needs fixed. Like I said I am not experienced in doing this. It's all guesswork to me. CustomWeapons.zip
  7. Please update this to a19! I love your mods Snufkin and we want to put them in our private server before we open it up to public
  8. Please update to a19! I loved your mods! You know these inside and out so you would be fastest at it. (i created a profile here just so i could request your mod updated :))
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