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  1. I use the launcher so it should update automatically i dont understand why it wouldnt http://prntscr.com/hav17f And with the blacksmith table when u put iron and clay in it and you want to take it back out you cant. Other forges let u craft it back out.
  2. Just got this error come up while i was diggin in the burnt biome just as it hit night time. https://imgur.com/a/Mvgmv
  3. For some reason the customized storage container does not show anything for me in the bottom right corner to change the text. My mate has the option and when he changes the text it does not change for me, if he changes the font i can see the font change though. https://imgur.com/a/EkB51
  4. I also got bit recently and tried bandage it did nothing and did not stop the bleeding, i used medkit it did nothing and did not stop the bleeding i was just lucky the bleed out ran out before i died. Food that gave health would heal me but nothing med wise. Also how do you change the text on the custom storage boxes i dont see any options.
  5. Bug with the Blacksmith table. You cant scrap the materials out of the table. I still cant place down a Halipad boxcrate, it runs the animation but doesn't place it down. I am running on 1.09 and hotfixes added to the server.
  6. My server is on 1.09 i cant place down a hali crate. Also can the drones fly through blocks? For example i put the heli crate inside my base will the drone fly thru the wall and place box inside? Also the Tailor Station and Advanced Workbench still cant place on wall it sits 1 block off wall, the Adv Workbench can be flipped to be on wall since both sides look the same but the tailor station when u flip it cannot.
  7. Is the Halipad broken i cant place down a crate, btw i am in 1.09 but havent had the server updated for any hotfixes after it atm.
  8. Placed down an Oil Refinery ? I think its called that sorry im not in game right now to double check, whatever the thing is that makes the gas cans....anyway placed it down but cant get inside it nothing happens.
  9. I am also streaming this mod under Sn0tFace
  10. In how long do you think you will know if it needs a wipe?
  11. Thanks for the updates But there is still spaces in the Items.xml file starting from line 14684 and onwards. For example.... value="50" />
  12. The big white Zombie with the gas mask on you see at night....i put 100 rounds of 7.62 into his head at 2x damage for most shots and he still not dead.
  13. When i tried to activate the Farmer class in 1.05 it had errors and is now greyed out in my quest section. It still shows i have not activated the Farmer Class in my skills but when i try and read the paper now it won't let me. Also where do u find these? I am on day 37 and have never seen these items. [Q] Teddy Bear - All i can find is Dirty Teddy Bear [Q] Toilet Paper - All i can find is Old Roll of Toilet Paper [Q] Playing Cards - I have not found these One other thing. Are you able to put the version number the server is running under the Ravenhearst Image?
  14. The research desk and advanced workbench have a space behind and in front which does not allow u to place it along a wall...i dont know if other tables do it also because i don't have them all unlocked but is this intended?
  15. Bit confused with which version to download again for people running this mod on a public server. Do we put (on the server) the SDX Single Player or the SDX Private Server? And also for people who want to play on the server which do they download?
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