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  1. Logs? what do you mean and where can i find them? Just got 7d2d on the 1st
  2. I have a issue currently, The inventory for the storage chest nad storage boxes overlap my player inventory, i cannot find a way to fix this, the storage box covoers a third of my inventory making it tedious to move things out of it. the chests do the same to a lesser extent, i can still access all of my inventory ,just barely though. I have a picture of the storage box issue
  3. This is true, and in honesty a bow with explosive arrows can handle horde nights with a good base to save you. I had not really thought about it. and yeah bows and iron arrows alone i just cleared a custom Poi pool with little to no problems.. even though i got ambushed 4 times. The bow really made it a breeze. It would bu i also no realize that the Xbow has such high base damage as is, if you give it a repeater mod it will give it increadible DPS... though this could be offset by low clip size ( 5 or 7 arrows) a relitivly slow fire rate for an semi/ fully auto weapon, Or just having the mod lower damage a bit... still it would be nice to have XD
  4. i mean true, bows nad crossbows early game are amazing, but as you get up in game stages, it becomes kinda irrelivant, Still they do have uses, just would like them to be more horde night viable, or maybe i just what the grenade launcher so much XD either way its just an idea
  5. I love cross bows, In any game i feel they are amazing to use, but in a game like this the slow fire rate and the reload speed make using archery outside of clearing poi with stealth a bad idea , unless your using explosive arrows/ bolts. A idea i had for a future weapon mod is a Crossbow drum or repeater mod, Allowing the crossbow to carry more then 1 bolt, but would increase the reload time quite a bit. or as a new type of crossbow as well. easiest way to have a "grenade launcher style weapon in this game, load this bad boy with explosive bolts nad let hell loose.
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