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  1. I prefer the Moto for most everything. It's better on gas it collides with less items/terrain (though I think they said they fixed this I can't confirm as I am just set in my ways with the moto and haven't tried the 4x4 yet.) So for most cases and uses the Moto is the vehicle I prefer. But I have friends who juts really like the 4x4 because of its storage and it allows them to drive around with a friend. HOWEVER I will say the 4x4 is Great if you and a a friend are doing trader quest and you want to double clear some poi's. The extra inventory space here allows you to take back a ton more items to sell or build up your stock. Also it's pretty funny to go through some t5 poi's when you and your friend both roll up with 4x4's and you just carry everything home in both of them.
  2. I've been playing this game for a fairly long time. It's actually my most played game on steam. Maybe I might have more hours in this game than the average player (over 600 hours and counting) and I'm sure this probably affects how I feel but I really like the change to loot progression. Finding a weapon day one and valuing it because it's a weapon that I will be stuck with for a while feels nice to me. It gives the small upgrades I get through either finding them or crafting them feel meaningful. And it makes me really consider how I am playing and investing my points, do I invest this point into my weapons so I can build that t5 weapon or do I put it into something else? And because things are 'locked' behind progression I actually feel way more excited to find a good weapon than I did before. With the old system I expected that I'd find a great gun (like an t1-4 ak-47) in the first day or two and that would carry me through the early part of the game. Now I feel I have to work a bit more at it and I enjoy that. Did I enjoy the old system? Yes, but I don't hate the change either. I think it's a good balance. Does it make the game a bit more grindy yes, but I don't really see that as a problem as I see the point of this game being how long you can last before you either get bored because you're so godly/safe that you can just walk around on a day 250 horde and survive. Usually when a game starts to get to this point I consider the 'run' a victory and I start over anyways because the game is most fun to me when I do feel threatened by the world in the early stages and for me all this change has done is made that feeling last just a bit longer. Also I HIGHLY recommend using the new candy system. Seriously I think the candies are probably the most overpowered thing this alpha has introduced. As "Bad" as the loot might seem sometimes. Take some eye candies and open some poi chest. I've gotten 3 t6 scrap armor items on day 5 in the same chest with no lucky looter and only +3 looting goggles. Seriously use the candy, for the cost of $100 (which is laughably cheap if you've done a few quest for a trader) it more than pay s for itself very quickly with either the time they save you or the value they give back. I am typically the type to horde all my resources in games and never use consumables but I will say having started to use them I have seen it affects the game in a pretty significant way.
  3. So I am wondering what mods people are using together if any for steel knuckles. Right now on my T5 i'm using the following Fortifying grip, and weighted head, empty. Why empty? Because I can't figure out what to put in it. The grip prevents me from using any other shaft mods, and the head prevents me from using things like blade mods. So I can't figure what other options I can even use. I used to use the burning shaft but it seems it's not compatible anymore little sad about that one (lets be honest even thought it was hard to see through it felt great having fist of fire.) Soooo Mod combos for T5/T6 nuckles go! Also any other weapons that seem to have more mod slots than useable mod combos now?
  4. Comments/Complaints: My character gets hungry after 1-2 POI (teir 2, clear zombies, so like at most 10 zombies) using knuckles when I've got 2 points into iron gun, after I've used 3 red tea and meat stew to get up to full before going in at level 30. I don't mind having to eat and manage the resource. I don't even mind that it takes me 5 peices of meat to make a steak (I laugh about this a lot tbh) What I do mind is how fast the meter seems to deplete. I have a farm up and running and I've gotten lucky enough to get access to higher level foods like Meat stew, Sham chowder and the like. But it just seems to drain way to fast. and I haven't even gotten into mining yet so Im' expecting that to be a nightmare once I do. Possible Solution: It would be nice if there was something like a stacking buff. Say you keep your hunger up for X amount of time above a certain % (say 50 before you hit the you're hungry mark) For a day. You should get a well fed buff that boost the length of good foods. for a set amount of time. After that time the buff falls off and you have to stack it up again. Spend a day getting the buff, Keep it for an extra day or two then stack it up again. This would work nicely for working around your base for a day getting thing set up before you get ready to go out PoI/Mission raiding. But at least I have blackstrap.
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