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  1. lol, didn't even mention the others that are not in game..
  2. Thats so lame dude.. Like I couldn't care less about how to build a speaker in my first week (or ever)... But even then, finding one and not just piles of paper seems to be a issue.. In this play through I haven't even bothered hitting the nice poi's like crack-a-book because I know the loot is gonna suck. I want to have some balance. As I posted earlier, I have every gun in the game untill A19, and know from real life experience exactly how much damage they do. Why not let the animals be more life-like since we already have unstoppable, acrobatic, genius, zombies to deal with? I could drop a polar bear with a 7.62x39 round to the skull, no questions asked. 22 rounds like it took to the face to kill a much smaller bear in game? Not so much.. Now if you get caught out without a gun, then ya.. it's your butt, just like irl (unless you are one hell of a bow hunter)..
  3. Good luck finding anything worth reading in your first week.. Loot lvls are so trash it's not even worth going looting/raiding except for basic supplies.
  4. As someone that owns a 7.62x39 AK variant irl, I just gotta say the damage the bears can take is just insanely unrealistic. I went through almost a full clip on a living bear, point blank range to the face, before I killed it. Bears are tough yeah, but they ain't taking more than 1-2 rounds from a AK especially headshots.. I can punch neat bullet sized holes in 3/8 " thick mild steel plate with mine, shooting fmj standard issue russian ammo. I mean..o.k.? Bears and other living predators should be tough and a real threat, but Humans rule the world because of our tools, and when you are using the right tool (guns vs anything else) you should tear through them like tissue paper.. Now if you don't have a gun, or get jumped/surprise attacked, yeah I could see you getting @%$*#! handed. But when You are doing the jumping with a AK, they shouldn't stand a chance, and go down 5 rnds MAX..
  5. Hmm, ya, never thought of it that way, but I think you are right after pondering it for a minute.
  6. yeah k. karen. oh right..because you are lvl 5 every other person that would have come to the trader is lvl 5 too. No variation in lvls at all.. makes perfect sense. not to mention why bother going to a trader at all, through lvl 10 at least? I can make my own stone ax, thanks.
  7. How?...The player can't climb up wood frame blocks, so why should they be able to?
  8. He stated that? Hmm, I always just kinda thought of it like how sometimes you get a extra bag of chips out of the vending machine. You can take it if you want, or leave it there cause you didn't pay for it.
  9. Sorry, not directed at me I know, but then why are you doing it?
  10. Oh..Imma jerk cause I have a opinion about people dictating how other people should play? get real. The way he commented about how it was ok as long as he wasn't "defending" his opinion rubbed me the wrong way. Sorry, not sorry.
  11. Nah, i'm quite ok with a fight when people are being overbearing. Great thing about being older, I don't got to do what people tell me to do.
  12. Shouldn't have to "defend" anything. To each their own. How is that so hard to understand? Buy who? Missing the ref.
  13. lol, o...k... sure madmole could code that right up for ya... Make it a debuff, cause everything within a half mile could smell ya or something.. Was just thinking back to my childhood when I would be digging in the sandbox, and come up with a big ol juicy turd,,lol ummm, o...k...? Don't even know how to address that.
  14. Yeah, everybody has fun in different ways. Like if that was the default way the bm horde worked, I would prob just quit, because i'm not into constant grinding tension.. I like to build, explore, have a fun adventure, where I am smarter than the brain dead zombies that want to eat me, and we have a good little fight once a week. Thats why I play on default. Very lighthearted I suppose, but as a older player I get more than enough tension and fear from real life, and just want to have fun in my little zombie sandbox..Without the cat turd landmines...lol
  15. Oh, well never played like that to be honest.. Just left it at default every 7 days. But I could see how people who are more into the tense fear factor side of things would really like that, since you would have no idea of when it's coming, then would have to scramble like hell to prepare if it dropped on a day that you were not ready for. If thats what some people like, more power to them. I think I prefer to know what day it's coming on, since I get tense enough preparing as is. lol
  16. Well, I could get into the exploring, and building bit of it all by itself, I don't really need a "purpose" any more than i needed one to make sand castles when I was little. It was just fun. But yeah, the terrain looks so...bleh. Thats why I like 7d. it has a bit of "edge" to it, I can build and screw around however I want for the most part, and there is a more adult feel to the dangers. Everybody thinks they are part of a majority... so you got a dozen people that think the way you do....so what? For everybody you can count, If i could be bothered to put that much effort into proving a point, I could come up with people that feel the polar opposite...
  17. Meh. I play permadeath myself. Nerd poling is just a handy way to get around sometimes imo. And just because you like the fear aspect, maybe other people don't. see no need to add more stuff to a engine that struggles at times already. Again, if you want the fear factor and think nerd poling takes away from that, there is nobody forcing you to do it.
  18. Why even bother putting it in as a option.. if You don't want to do it...then don't. Just making the game work harder by adding more code. Honestly, it's the look of minecraft that turns me off. So little kid like (not to crap on people who enjoy that, just not my cup of yorkshire).. But I have had the thought that 7d2d was based on what a more grown up version of minecraft would look like. They are VERY similar in a lot of ways after all.
  19. Ok, sorry. I just tend to get a little bit tense when I see anything that even hints at more restrictions in the game. But I will disagree that apparently A LOT of people cares how other people play... Myself personally, I like the freedom the game has to do pretty much whatever you want. I think of it as minecraft for adults, (although I never played minecraft)..
  20. And whats wrong with sitting on top of a poi and waiting them out? Not that you can do that past the first horde. If that's how someone wants to play it (because of role play or whatever else) then I feel like they should be able to. So many people on here (and imho the devs) are getting so focused on making players play the way THEY think it should be played, instead of everybody just chilling out, and letting them enjoy this great big sandbox how the player wants to. Hey, that would be cool and interesting. maybe hide something good (or nasty) behind those locked doors as well.
  21. Wow, quite full of yourself ain't ya? So glad I don't have to have YOUR permission to have fun with the game I paid for in the way I want to. Ditto, and I will not stop fighting to keep the stuff I don't want out of it. See ya on the battlefield. And how is that cheating? it could be said that the way zoms gps to you, break steel blocks with their dead human meat hands, and all the other things that they do is "cheating" as well. I would call it "having fun your way".
  22. Said no such thing. Merely pointing out what you think isn't fun, may be fun to someone else. Maybe there are players that like the sandbox, building, and just being contrary and not doing things in a scripted manner aspect of the game vs how YOU think it SHOULD be played. The game has a lot of freedom, but it is getting more and more restricted with every update. I personally think you should be able to do ANYTHING at ANYTIME in ANY way that you like. That's what I call fun.
  23. Because the devs don't need any bright ideas on how to make the game more restrictive. They are doing just fine on that all by themselves.
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