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  1. So yeah, the title says it all.

    For the last several updates game pad control just keeps getting worse.

    It was fine where you ONLY used LR sticks to control most of the movement.

    forward/back and speed with L stick and look/steering combined with R stick was fine!

    Now you give me THREE things to juggle all at once, steering with L, look with R, and forward/reverse with LR triggers..

    on top of that whatever you did with how steering works is horrible now.

    it's not responsive at first, then when I hold it longer trying to get something out of it, it ramps up way TOO much, and causes me to do donuts or hit every tree in a five mile radius.

    It's bad. the only thing thats better is making the gyro nose up and nose down buttons more responsive.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Pegasus said:

    I would like to point out that the only lore and viewpoint that really matters is the one the pimps have for their game.  They said they will be releasing their lore eventually.  It's their world.  The zombies can swim ... they could dance the hula if the devs thought that was part of the lore

    Meh, you can only stray outside of the lore pool so far before it becomes something else..

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  3. 2 minutes ago, madmole said:

    We can always put that in. Until water and RWG gets fixed those details don't matter that much IMO. I've yet to see a lake deep enough to swim in, let alone get fully submerged, are you guys playing Navezgane or something?

    I was yeah. That little house out on the lake is the only reason I found out I could walk on water.

    But if you do that, take away the swimmers.

    After all no need for them if you can't walk on water forever.

  4. Just now, Laynie said:

    I think @Demandred1957 is forgetting that dead bodies don't really get up at all. If they cant think outside of "Realistic" then they really shouldn't be playing Horror fiction games, reading horror fiction books or watching horror fiction movies :) But some people just can't see outside their tiny box they find so comfy ❤️ 

    Ohh, the sting on that one... not.

    My point is, there is a wide and deep lore already surrounding zom's

    That's the exact reason I didn't invest my time in the "walking" dead.. Because THEY COULD RUN..

    Don't criticize my viewpoint with your equally narrow one.

  5. Just now, madmole said:

    What part of "there should be no easy way to avoid the horde" don't you get? We could make zeds not swim, but then we would have to make players drown when they run out of stamina so I'd rather not hear all the complaints about drowning and have zombies be able to get to you in the water. We have our own lore that is molded around tower defense, fun and challenge, not Romero lore or whatever flick you think feels real and immersive.

    Yeah, you SHOULD drown.. When I first started playing I avoided the water, because I thought I WOULD drown.. Imagine my shock when I found out I could do a jesus thing and walk on water...

  6. 1 minute ago, pregnable said:


    ACTCHUWALLLY.... ...


    ...guess you better call the space police.

    Yeah, I suppose so. Because where are they getting the energy to run around, break stuff, swim, etc?

    TNSTAAFL and energy has to come from somewhere.

  7. 54 minutes ago, Pegasus said:

    The real question is whether or not they breathe.  If they breathe ... or at least their diaphragms work and inhales and exhales air into their lungs, it would make sense that they would float ... and that the movement of their legs and arms would mimic swimming. 

    If they don't then they are breaking the laws of physics, because they are making energy from nothing..

  8. 43 minutes ago, jorbascrumps said:

    Such an entitled attitude. You asked a question and received an answer. Move on.


    Zombies swim for gameplay reasons because otherwise you could tread water forever (like you could for 18 alphas) with no repercussions. Realism and other interpretations of zombies are irrelevant.

    "such a entitled attitude" Good thing I don't care about your opinion..

    1 hour ago, FileMachete said:

    sooo... how ya'll doing?


    Nice day here... might make some iced tea..


    wanna talk about Vultures?



    Ugh.. bout sums it up. LOL speak of the devil and he shall appear. Walk outside and there is a swarm of vultures eating the last groundhog I shot and dumped out in the field..

    Nasty ol things.

  9. 1 hour ago, Pegasus said:

    Or rednecks saying "Hey y'all, watch this!"

    Lol, sadly that's usually a rednecks LAST words...

    7 minutes ago, Trekkan said:

    Saying something is an "excuse" is making the assumption that he has to answer to anyone.

    Don't care.

    5 minutes ago, pregnable said:


    I mean, most people float in general because of body fat and stuff. 


    Lungs full of water sometimes help you not float as well though.

    Ok, then big momma, and Hawaiian shirt dude should be the only swimmers.

    I could live with that.

  10. 1 hour ago, madmole said:

    Dead bodies float though, so all the other zombie fiction completely got it wrong.

    Dead bodies that float are also broken down and squishy, because of the bacteria that are making the gases that cause them to float...

    This zoms are doing hard reps at the gym..

    Lame excuse.

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  11. 46 minutes ago, RipClaw said:

    But they try to entertain people and that influences the way they play. Rather tedious things are done less and instead what promises more action.

    I doubt he'd do so many reckless things without an audience. He's always showing off. You can tell.


    I remember for example that he died one time because he got cocky and wanted to jump from the crane onto the skeleton frame when looting the construction site. Instead of playing it safe and using frames he wanted to show off. That is why many of his series are so short. He gets cocky at some point and then he usually dies.



    True, I try to entertain people too. But it doesn't effect how I play. I just edit the boring stuff out.

    But "showing off" doesn't really mean proving anything I think.

    IMO showing off is more like "hey! look what I can do! Isn't that neat!?!"

    LIke BMX guys doing tricks, Stunt pilots, Pool trick shot artist's, etc.


  12. 11 minutes ago, meganoth said:

    Most people playing 7D2D don't have to prove anything to their audience, they don't have one to begin with.

    I don't think most of the people with a audience even, are trying to prove anything.

    I have a small audience, and I know I'm not trying to prove anything. I just decided to start sharing my gameplay, because why not?

    Same with Glock9, he's just having a good time as far as I can tell.

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  13. 12 hours ago, faatal said:

    Playing the game on default settings is perfectly fine for the typical gamer I've seen play the game. I can easily take over a POI and survive just fine, but I want the challenge of being forced to build stuff, which makes the game harder, so I turn down AI block damage to suit the challenge I want.


    I have ZERO interest in permadeath. I play games to have fun. Not to be stressed out that one death will mean the end to my world.


    It makes me laugh every time someone expects me to be great at a game I've worked on. I'm an average gamer and die a lot at any game I play. Knowing how the code works does nothing for my reflexes and attention when playing a game. On any reasonably sized game team, you have great players, horrible players and those in between.

    Ok fair enough. Then let me restate the challenge in a different way..

    Anybody that wants to make the game even harder, should play with that restriction for a month before putting those changes forward. (looking at you Madmole)

    Be singing a different tune when you have been working on your castle for a month, and you have to delete your save because you bought it.


    Personally feel anybody on the forum that's complaining about how it's not challenging enough needs to do the same thing.

    When Death actually means something in the game, it makes the world 500% more challenging and terrifying.

    "oh, but i'm waiting for stable because of bugs before I do that"

    Yeah yeah, excuses are like @%$*#!s everybody's got one, and they all stink.

    Lol, on how it auto corrected a word to make it look like I was cussing, when I wasn't..

    What is this? kindergarten?


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  14. 1 minute ago, meganoth said:

    It wasn't me who brought up 20-30 high levels. It is so easy to shoot down arguments when they are made with exaggerated numbers.


    whatever. was just pointing out that would hash out if it's a exploit or not really quick.

    22 minutes ago, AtomicUs5000 said:

    Around here, it's sometimes called "emersion," but that might only apply to swimming zombies.

    yeah I think the swimming zom's is broken.

    It's a fantasy game based on movie monsters, but still..

    no other media that i'm aware of has ever had SWIMMING zombies..

    It's op, and immersion breaking for sure.

    I know tons of LIVING people that can't swim.. And these undead corpses can do it faster than a athlete...

  15. 4 minutes ago, AtomicUs5000 said:

    I do sprint at night, horde every night, 10 minute days, maximum night, nomad lifestyle, 64 max alive... but when I do that I leave everything else at default. I suppose I could up the block damage as there is no need to build much. The most I build are little beacons with chests and sometimes if I can, some obstacles to slow them down. It's already really hard to last a long time.

    TBH that just sounds painful... Like what color is your bondage gear?? lol

  16. Just now, STyK_ said:

    while carrying 25 build frames? and do it over and over again 25 times?

    well dont be silly, but I bet he could do it with a couple of 1 sq foot boxes. (one in each hand)

    If someone was tossing him more boxes from the side, yeah, I bet he could go as high as you want.

    Don't forget, this guy is leaping straight up over 4 feet in real life..

  17. 21 minutes ago, STyK_ said:

    Take it easy, he asked.

    And it was because the alleged best player in the game (Jonah) said 'that nerd polling was one of those things that should probably be removed.'

    I don't care how other people play their game, because i'm not a control freak.

    I think anyone thats not playing permadeath is a wuss, but i'm not voting for making that default.

  18. 5 minutes ago, Games'n'Grumble said:

    Well I found that "bouncy ladder" exploit, and I vote for fixing it :) But I can find more and I want to see hardcore game in 7DTD without this "zero-cost" bases. So if I make a video with "most cheated" bases with flying buildings, exploits, flying pieces of terrain etc - can you fix it? :)

    Welcome friend! That was a good video by the way.

    But be careful what you ask for.

    They think a lot of things are exploits, that actually make the game more realistic.

    29 minutes ago, STyK_ said:

    Its all about discouraging.

    Yeah, from playing the game..

    Maybe some people just like to mess around, and don't see things the way you do.

    It's a control issue, not a game play issue.

  19. 3 hours ago, faatal said:

    There is the AI Block Damage setting. I started playing with it at 50%, but I make myself build a base, so no holing up in POIs. That was a bit easy, so I started doing 67%.


    I'd love an option to make non player blocks weak, so I could use POIs, but they would not be that great. Or it could really be player placed blocks get x% more health, so my new construction would be better than what exists in the decaying world.

    I think if you guys..literally the "gods" of this virtual world have to turn stuff down from default settings, that should maybe be telling you something..

    I challenge all of the fun pimps staff to play on default settings for a month, with the only restriction being self imposed "permadeath".

    Then if you can do that, I wont fuss when Madmole wants to add feral night sense or other unbalanced things to the game...

  20. 8 hours ago, meganoth said:

    You couldn't have made a better argument to show that this is really an exploit. If a 4 block wood structure needs 20-30 higher lvl zoms to remove it, it is past OP, it is !!OP!!


    I think that you think breathing is op..

    As soon as more than 3 pile up they go around each other and would hit the corner and come marching in.

  21. 6 hours ago, EmpV said:

    Found this accidentally during my last horde night. The new wall we built worked a little too well. It’s super easy to do on day 1 and seems exploitable. 


    Nah, Steve Irwin there took a swing at it and did some damage. Spawn in 20-30 higher lvl zoms and try it again.

    They will bump themselves around enough to get to the corners I bet.

  22. 5 hours ago, AtomicUs5000 said:

    I wouldn't bring that up to the zeds. Then you'll hear them whining and complaining about our perpetual energy robotic workbenches, our ability to make concrete mix without water, our door knobs, and of course our ability to fly.

    Well in this alpha they got nothing to complain about.

    Robot turrets are pretty useless without a tight choke point, so all they get is a whack in the bean bag/cooter.

    waterless concrete mix might be just slighty op, but the best concrete has the least water in it anyways irl..

    Doorknobs are overrated, since they cut through the door..and your solid steel walls.. with hardly any effort.

    And finally only the extremely lucky/elite get to fly. the rest of us ground pounders are down in the dust with them, so they can go back to their graves and pound sand.. lol


    That feral night sense might be a ok idea, but I would ask that it be made a optional check box.

    It sounds terrible to me, since I already have to sneak around my home base real quiet like, to keep them from bashing their way in.

    They can already run like the wind at night, they really don't need any more advantages.

    We have a advantage during the day, they have a advantage at night with speed. Everything in balance as it should be..


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