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  1. I've been experiencing slow loading times since as far as I can remember (been playing since US lockdown started). But I've noticed that my load times for bother starting up the game and trying to enter a server are considerably longer than the three people I game with. We all have iMacs from late 2013 playing A18, with same speeds yet my loading is double theirs (like 3-4 minutes to start and 4-5 minutes to enter the same server). Any clues on why this is happening? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks for replying, The steel series analogs doesn't seem to have any fine control, it goes 'zero to 60' and there is dead space for what feels like the first few mm of moving the stick. Oddly enough when I went to check it in other games, the steel series didn't register but the O xbox controller did. Oh well thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply but I do not see that option anywhere. Am I in the right spot?
  4. Hi on a Mac with A18. Games been fine but wrists are starting to hurt so I'm turning to a controller, specifically an original Xbox Controller (I like giving old tech a new purpose). I found a driver from GitHub and use a usb dongle to connect the controller. The controller registers and seems fine and is set to pretend to be a 360 controller. It works in Steam big view, Dying Light, Borderlands 2, and Tabletop simulator flawlessly, but it does absolutely nothing in 7DTD. I have checked the option to enable controllers in game. I used a steel series playstation style controller bef
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