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  1. Get off my thread if your aren't gonna help
  2. Yea i looked at my system and this is the only game that's has bad framerate out of every game I own
  3. Moving the game to my SSD fixed everything guess the hard drive couldn't handle the game
  4. Now my game keeps crashing when loading into a world after changing those two things seems this game just hates me
  5. I got enough space to move the game to my SSD and changed the power setting to max performance also I was thinking maybe the game is using my Intel uhd graphics card and not my Nvidia card I've had that problem with assassin creed odyssey and I had to disable it
  6. I couldn't find turbo boost anywhere on my computer
  7. I've been having frame rate issues on alpha 19 and Ive tried a few things to fix it but no luck and at some points the game isn't playable and gets me killed or hit when I shouldn't Some of the things Ive tried is lowest settings in game and nothing changed frame rate is bad on both highest and lowest also tried changing settings in my NVIDIA control panel that didn't work either Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice didn't change anything I don't know what else to try unless I'm just missing something My specs are Intel UHD 630 and NVIDIA Ge force 1660 6GB 16 GB ram Intel C
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