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  1. this should be doable
  2. I will look into this. I have not had a chance to do anything with /sethome yet since the update. I do have many bug fixes and changes coming soon. I still have to go through the clan manager and /sethome and still need to change gimme to add the items directly in to the players inventory instead of dropping the item on the ground. Once i have these main issues worked out i will release it.
  3. only add items to the invaliditems xml that you want to kick/ban for such as reinforced concrete. atm it will not kick/ban for itemstacks being to large only warn and it gets the max stack number automaticly from the game.
  4. yes change it to true. And if you dont want it to kick/ban just remove the items from the xml that it will create
  5. if you are a admin it will not warn you also i believe you need to have invaliditems enabled also. one of the bugs that will be fixed in the next version. If you dont want it to kick/ban for invalid items just enable it and delete the items from the config that it creates
  6. not at this time. it will only announce to the player if the stack is to large. May be able to add something so that it will kick/ban for certain items.
  7. Thanks! I do have a very rough version of the web interface done. Dosnt do much at the moment other then show the current players online on a blank page. The web interface is probaly going to be the hardest part on the mod for me.
  8. disable the gimme on the server manager and enable gimme in /saves/ServerTools/ServerToolsConfig.xml, set the Gimme to True. It will generate /gamesavefolder/ServerTools/GimmeItems.xml with the default gimme items. Adjust the list as needed.
  9. i dont think there are any commands to delete a zombie. but you may be able to type le into the console and find the enityid for that zombie and try the console kill command on it.
  10. this is not from my mod. It dose not spawn zombies.
  11. I have been working on it and adding some features to it. Just not ready to release it yet as i only get to work on it about an hour a night atm. should be able to do <Message Message="[FF8000]Type /gimme once an hour for a free gift![-]" />
  12. no not yet have not had time to work it recently
  13. errr sorry here is the correct link Server Tools v2.2
  14. Updated for a13 here is the link Server Tools v2.2 will update the first post when i'm not getting database errors when I try to edit. - - - Updated - - - Updated for a13 here is the link Server Tools v2.2 will update the first post when i'm not getting database errors when I try to edit.
  15. Yes may take a day or two depending what breaks
  16. I didn't really plan to add this. The only reason I did was because we had a few clans on our server coping each other clan tags and causing a bunch issues. But as I was writing the code I realized it could be more of a manager then just tag protection. However I still needed to get the basic clan member stuff done and truthfully I am not happy with it at the moment and will probably rewrite it to use some kind of database vs the sloppy xmls I have at the moment. I already planned to add clan chat, join request, clan list and a few other things. This is a issue with the game and will be fixed in alpha 13 At the moment this is working as intended as C# dictionaries can only have one key. I have yet to come up with a work around for this This should be possible Good point, will add the name I should be able to add them to the config so that they can be changed
  17. Updated to version 2.1 ****CHANGE LOG**** v2.1 Added /clancommands to /help so players can see what commands are available to them Added /clanleave so players can leave the clan Added chat command /pm or /w for players to pm other players Added clan tag strings and admin chat command strings to the phrases xml (Must delete the xml.) Changed /day7 Animal counts are now correct and added more infos to the output Fixed xml error in clansdata.xml Cleaned up the phrases xml (Must delete the xml.) Clan members can be removed while offline using a steamid Removed a unused string from InvalidItems
  18. Did you figure it out homer?
  19. As I said you can't use " , use " as a "
  20. you need to use " should look like this <Command Command="rules" Response="pm "[00FF00]{2} [FFFFFF]Test message"" /> <!-- not working at all (with 2 quotation marks) --> <Command Command="rules" Response="pm "[00FF00]{2} [FFFFFF]Test message"" /> <!-- working but see only first word in sentence --> <Command Command="rules" Response="say "[00FF00]{2} [FFFFFF]Test message"" /> <!-- working but its "say" so visible for all -->
  21. uploaded a new version 2.0 ****CHANGE LOG**** v2.0 Added Clan tag protection Added Admin chat commands /mute /unmute @admins @all Added AlwaysShowResponse to the config for /gimme Changed day7 to not show the animal count at the moment Fixed a log error Fixed phrases not writing the id correctly
  22. it is a binary file https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cb4x6esf.aspx Easiest way is to delete AllocsPersistentData.bin while the server is not running. However you will lose the saved players.
  23. I will try to get it in the next version
  24. There is nothing i can do as it is how the game loads mods. If they wont change to the correct build for dedicated servers then change host because this is something they should do.
  25. no its not starting the dedicated server. notice "start 7daystodieserver" talk to your host and have them install the dedicated server build start 7daystodieserver -logfile 7DaysToDieServer_Data\output_log%LOGTIMESTAMP%.txt -quit -batchmode -nographics -configfile=serverconfig.xml -dedicated
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