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  1. [ATTACH]16839[/ATTACH] here is the config place next to your Navezgane folder if you can post your log file so i can figure out why its not writing the config for you. i have tested at least 10 times and works every time for me ServerToolsConfigs.zip
  2. The configs will be in the saved game folder. For instance if you are saving the game to C:\saves\ it would be in the saves folder next to the Navezgane/Random Gen folder
  3. it may take a few mins to write the config depending on the speed of the server. Are you sure you are looking in the correct place? are you using linux?
  4. try the new one i just updated. Check the first post v3.3 Added Reserved Slots to the mod. Will kick the player with the least amount of crafted items. Added Watchlist to the mod. Will alert online admins when the watchlisted player is online. (Console Commads Usage: watchlist add <steamID> <reason>, watchlist remove <steamID>, watchlist list) Fixed Motd not showing the correct player name Updated invalid items list (NOTE: will need to delete InvalidItems.xml if you want the updated list if items) Changed ServerToolsConfig.xml & ServerToolsPhrases.xml will now update themselves if needed. No need to delete them anymore. Updated day7 to include a15 zombies
  5. your good i have been super busy lately
  6. wouldnt be hard to make a warning then have the server shut down, however it would need to be restarted manually
  7. do the other players see the messages? Just because you see the message dose not mean everyone does.
  8. all commands will be sent with pm if used / instead of ! and the motd is already set as a pm
  9. what part of the mod?
  10. from the changelog "Changed CustomCommands now has DelayBetweenUses added to the config but not working yet"
  11. No it bans for items that are in a xml like reinforced concrete
  12. What server version are you using and are you on windows or linux? What version of Server tools are you using?
  13. can you provide more of the log? such as when it is happening such as on load, after someone joins? anyone else getting these errors? everything seems fine on my server.
  14. This will be fixed in the next version https://github.com/dmustanger/7dtd-ServerTools/commit/b2348106fa0d920f4e985c7653cac4bd2e507b08
  15. The y position is set to -1 to prevent falling through the world when spawned in.
  16. updated mod to v3.2 ****CHANGE LOG**** v3.2 Fixed /sethome was not in the ServerToolsConfig.xml (Note: will need to delete ServerToolsConfig.xml)
  17. updated mod to 3.1 ****CHANGE LOG**** Fixed Custom cammands no longer crash the server Fixed /mute, was not muting players Fixed /sethome not saving data correct Fixed /day7 no longer requires custom commands to be enabled to work
  18. Set home will be fixed in the next release as I stated in my last post
  19. it seems any command used with ! instead of / is crashing the server, im currently looking for a fix atm. i do have /mute fixed and /sethome fixed as it was not saving the data once i find a fix for the crashes i will be making another release.
  20. yes they will need to update to servertools 3.0
  21. this is a old servertoolsconfig.xml please update to the newest version by deleting this one also make sure you have installed the new version of servertools
  22. enable CustomCommands and see if this is the issue with /day7
  23. did you enable it in the ServerToolsConfig.xml? and did you delete the ServerToolsPhrases.xml and let the mod create a new one?
  24. Updated to work with 14.6 all configs have been changed and will need to be deleted and redone! ****CHANGE LOG**** v3.0 Updated to a14.6 Changed Commands /info and /help have been moved to CustomChatCommands.xml and are not hard coded anymore. Changed CustomCommands now has DelayBetweenUses added to the config but not working yet Changed Moved motd message from InfoTicker.xml to server tools config Changed Motd can now contain the players name using the variable {PlayerName} Changed added chickens and screamer counts to /day7 Changed Infoticker will now post any message with the same id at the same time Changed BadWordFilter now checks all words before returning the string Change annouce invalid item stacks will now enter a log entry into chat logs. Fixed Using /home will always spawn you at the highest point. thanks schwanz9000 Fixed Anounce invalid item stack numbers not working unless invalid item kicker was enabled Added Chat flood protection. Will block anything with more then 500 characters
  25. I do have something like this in the works. Not sure when i will get it done and released yet - - - Updated - - - I have pretty much rewrote the entire clanmanager part of the mod. not sure when i will release it yet tho still have some testing to do on it
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