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  1. this command worked for me <Command Command="teleme" Response="tele {EntityId} 1000 -1 500" DelayBetweenUses="0" />
  2. Delete the server tools config while the server is running and let it remake the config. Are you using ftp or hosting control panel
  3. try changing <property name="ServerAdminSlots" value="6"/> to 0
  4. AutoSaveWorld only saves the world from ram to harddrive. it runs the console command saveworld
  5. i am not able to replicate this. Double check your configs and make sure you do not have the vanilla reserved slots active.
  6. not at certain times.
  7. are you sure they are being kicked for reserved slot?
  8. Update to the latest version - - - Updated - - - 1 and 2 are possible to do. I will try and get it for the next version. 3 and 4 I'm sure can be done but not sure when I can get it done. I'm in the middle of moving into a house and working longer hours at the moment. - - - Updated - - - Can probably be done but I'm not really interested in doing it. - - - Updated - - - I will look into this are you using the latest version?
  9. Should be version 3.8 or 3.9 do you have it enabled in the ServerToolsConfig.xml also the command is /clanadd dmustanger with no space between clan add
  10. should be possible i will add it to my todo list
  11. updated to v3.9 Fixed Reserved slots command not working
  12. You should be able to put what ever you want In the phrase. What language are you using? If you post the phrase in the language you want I can look at it. Most likely it is a unexpected character. And yes you should be able to set the permission level in the serveradmin.xml
  13. updated to v3.8 Added AdminLevelNeeded For AdminNameColoring (check ServerToolsConfig.xml) Added Moderator name coloring Added param cancel to stopserver command. Usage: stopserver cancel Changed clanmanger to return the chat message if the clanmanager is not enabled. Updated /Day7 to a16 zombies and animals Updated InvalidItems to a16 blocks Fixed /clanadd players can no longer add blank clan names Fixed /re not sending reply messages to the players that pm'd i recommend deleting invalid items.xml and let the mod regenerate it
  14. you have any errors in the log file? post your InfoTicker.xml
  15. no need to update atm it is working just fine on the a16 exp
  16. Change pm to say the mod will auto pm only them unless ! is used
  17. in the log file does it say it was loaded?
  18. I still work on it just have not had time recently. adding zombies and level restrictions to gimme is in the works You can use the console command stopserver that was released with version 3.6 that will save and stop the server with a warning message
  19. post a copy of your log file
  20. would like to know the same as i am not having any problems also
  21. Just remove it from the invaliday items xml and remove the ban
  22. Post the output of your log file. From the looks you are not running the dedicated server
  23. i have a full dedicated box that we run our server on. i can prob help also. We usually have 25-35 people on at a time. Will the players need to download the build also? As long as they have access i think we can help.
  24. Not yet The mod does not have a feature for this yet
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