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  1. Unfortunately not working in b177, kicks up many erros, needs update.
  2. Biscoitoso Mods will have what you want, for example the Home Depot mod takes many items from the creative menu and puts them into the trader where they can be purchased and the workshop where they can be crafted. Sittable furniture turns some furniture into vehicles so they can interacted with, for exemple, take a shower, relax in a jacuzzi, spin on carousal or sit on toilet. Those are a few examples of what is available, there are many more mods under the building and other category's which offer excellent additions to the game. Install is simple and most authors have the install method written within their description. https://7daystodiemods.com/
  3. I've hit a bit of a bottleneck, BDubs AIO, Telrics Vehicles and manux vehicles all work in A19 but only Bbub's shows in the workshop. It's probably staring me in the face but I can't figure out what Bdub has done differently for his to show. Eric's vehicle paint mod and mc alterations also does not show in the ws and can only be pulled from cm.
  4. Needs update for A19 (Health Buff) 2020-07-28T19: ERR XML loader. Loading and parsing 'buffs.xml' failed ArgumentException: Requested value 'HealthMaxModifierOT' was not found. apart from the above, all is good
  5. Finch55

    Highope's Modlets

    Are you still working on the New Vehicles mod? Download always says "being updated"
  6. Thanks again. I've not had 7dt2 very long, so haven't had the pleasure of Guppies vehicle mania so I am eagerly awaiting the revamp.
  7. Special thanks @Ragsy 2145 Following your config files for various vehicle setups, I've managed to get all of Manux A17 vehicles working in A19 b173 and using fuel where applicable. What I can't figure out is how to add the parts to the workshop so they be crafted and not just pulled from cm. This is for my own personal use as I have no intention of publishing anothers hard work and passion.
  8. The modlet version of these vehicles is working in A19 b173. I had to create a UIAtlases directory and ItemiconsAtlas sub and move the png into files into it for them to show in cm but they are all functional in game with no loading errors.
  9. Nice panel but show's only Russian Language. Is there a localisation file you may have missed putting in the download?
  10. Thanks again, I appreciate the info and quick response.
  11. OK, thanks for confirmation. Was it your mod which had the multi floor elevator and the max max style car and are those availabe as modlets?
  12. Unfortunately, that doesn't work on the fly. Maybe I need to start a new game for it to take.
  13. following up on DF features, it was also possible for a player to claim and place objects within a trader POI , can this also be done with simple edits to vanilla files?
  14. Here are the codes. I downloaded Gimp and had a look at your skin. wouldn't know where to start but I attempted to colour replace the blue for gold and the silver for green and thoroughly messed it up. I'll be looking into lessons on Gimp before I attempt it again lol. National colours of Australia Green Gold Pantone 348 C 116 C RGB (Hex) 0–132–61 (#00843D) 255–205–0 (#FFCD00) CMYK 100%–0%–54%–48% 0%–20%–100%–0%
  15. Do you take requests for paint jobs? Such as Aus Green and Gold (primary Green Secondary Gold) for the jeep you drive on the "wrong" side of the road lol. @nil0 "Important: For this mod to work properly, it needs to be installed on the server and every player’s computer."
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