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  1. Ah, makes since. Just thought since you posted that it loaded in 19.5 that it was released. Thank you for the quick reply. I'm enjoying this mod!! Thank you for all the work you do.
  2. Might be a complete noob question. But I have opted into the latest experimental on Steam for 19.5. I am using the mod launcher to run Darkness Falls and after the Steam update I hit the Pre-Sync thinking that might bring it over to the launcher and the game is still loading as 19.4. How do I fix this? Thank you for any and all help.
  3. Happy Christmas to all, and to all happy zombie slaying!!!
  4. This was answered. Thank you.
  5. How does one make the flame fuel for the hd flamethrower? I know the recipe, just don't know what bench. I'm fairly certain I've checked each thing and just don't see it. It's probably right in front of me haha. Thank you!!
  6. Ok great! Thank you for the reply. This is the first mod I've ever tried and having a Blast with it!!
  7. Can you not pick up the class vending machines? The ones for completing the class prereqs. Am wanting to move.
  8. Hey there. I am a pretty big noob when it comes to playing on PC, and with that new to mods. I'm playing the War3zuk mod and having some issues. My current settings are in the pictures. Im having some pretty massive fps drop when in dense areas, making it almost unplayable. I run fairly steady 50-60 for the most part but when in denser spots it dips to the teens. Also I am using the mod launcher to play the game. In game it says I'm on alpha 19.2 (b4) but I have steam at 19.1 because I thought it would help. How do I sync steam alpha with mod launcher.? Hopefully you all understand what I'm asking. My specs are also in the pictures except my card which is a GeForce gtx1660s.
  9. So side comment. What is the name of the channel and where do the devs stream? I just catch the replays on YouTube and would like to catch it live. Thank you!
  10. Great, thank you. Still trying to get my baring's on searching around the forum. I appreciate the link.
  11. Probably a stupid question. The version of War3zuk says Alpha 19.1 stable. Should I be playing on that version to help it run smoother? I'm having some pretty strong fps drops. I tried 3 different pre set maps. The build it says i'm on is, alpha 19.2 (b3)
  12. Thank you! Next question. I play with a controller. Can the game be started through Steam i.e. Big picture mode? There are a couple functions that I cant use. Mainly the search bars, and adding points onto the map.
  13. Hello everyone! I hope I'm not crossing any lines. But I post this question in Discussions and Requests in the mod section a couple days ago to no avail. I was hoping to have this going this weekend. I am looking into trying out mods for the first time. Not me modding, just wanting to use mods. I am not super savvy with computers. I am wanting to play War3zuk. I came across a mod launcher and can't seem to find it again. Is the mod launcher a plug and play? Are adding mods simple? Thank you for any and all help.
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