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  1. Did this and it WORKED! Thank you all dor the suggestions.
  2. Yup RWG! This place is awesome! Totally unexpected.
  3. So I was out riding around on the ole motorcycle looking for a new place to live. I happened upon this place! I was like "this place looks pretty sweet to make my home". I start to roam around and clear it out. A few minutes later, I'm like this place is pretty big. THEN I find a way down. OK cool. A little bigger than I thought. THEN I discover everything else!!! Wholly cow!!!!!! Anyway, I'm wondering if I make this home, do I need to worry about the underground? This will just be home not hoard base.
  4. Question. I think I made a mistake building too close to a trader A19 b169. New still to pc play. I want to move soon and I cant place my land claim block down to incorporate my temp base. Can you still wrench down workbenches ect. to pick them up? Used to that on console so land claim is foreign to me. Thank you!!
  5. 1. Jumped off bicycle in the snow biome, snowy and foggy. Walked about 10 feet and BOOM...... kitty cat in the face. This was like day 3 or 4. 2. Bear Den! Come up on the bear whole, (ok ...you got this) . Drop down auto sledge. I tried to make some noise to lure them. That didnt work. I jumped down with a double barrel in my hands. Auto sledge FAIL. Didn't target them or something, wasnt paying much attention. Bears ate my face!
  6. Oh ok, sorry, I was at about 47 ish I think and set at 120 min a day.
  7. Hey all, with experimental updates, is there a need to start a new game? New to this world lol. Thank you
  8. Haha, that's about right. I'm off work around 4, wife off a couple hours later. And she usually doesn't mind me play for a bit. With everything going on these days theres not much else to do. Haha about the glass. I'll get a fresh one and some specs for you when I get home today. Also this was a pre build. I know a little about hardware and nothing about software, so I opted out for this. I know its cheating per say lol.
  9. THANK YOU EVERYONE!! Got the computer a week ago. Even though this took a bit of a turn with talking about monitors and such, I appreciate the info given. This is a totally different game on PC. I went with navezgane to get a feel for things. I'm about 50hrs in now getting ready for BloodMoon day 14. Gonna finish that then going to another map and other game settings. I jacked up the loot and other things to see what possibilities there are. There is so much more that I havent discovered (pois, missions, equipment). I am sticking with controller for now, still cant get my fingers to cooperate on keyboard haha. I'm now wondering what a good Seed would be? Are the PreGens good? I've also read about nitrogen? For RWG, is it easy to use? I plan on moding, but wont be for a while. I'm a complete noob to that kind of stuff. Also with A19 experimental out, should I make the jump or wait for stable? Again, thank you all for the insight. And thank you for the welcome, great community!!!!!
  10. I'm definitely familiar with the game overall. I know that some changes are gonna throw me a bit. I know spam crafting isnt a thing anymore (no more 1000s of stone axes haha). I'll have to get used to the points system. This also may seem blasphemous but I may stick with controller play. Never been strong on keyboard and mouse, but I'll give it a go for sure. Thank you everyone for the welcome. Please keep ideas/suggestions coming.
  11. Hello 7 Days community! I am expecting my first decent PC next week. I have been playin on PS4 for years, and watching YouTubers play this really cool version haha. Obviously it's a pretty different game. 1. I'm wandering if I should mess around with Navezgane or just jump in to random gen? 2. If random gen, are there solid seeds for a newbie on PC? 3. Any guidance into this new adventure would be greatly appreciated. Happy hunting amd building!
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