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  1. You mean these? https://imgur.com/9RszkEv https://imgur.com/hgC53ig https://imgur.com/FGLw9Iv
  2. I second @Ryokent. This modlet is awesome - I tried it in Alpha 19 but it seemed to have taken away the ability to scrap items entirely. Unsure if that was a conflict with one of Khaine's modlets or not. Hopefully this does get an update, as besides items being unscrappable I did also see that the buffs from the furniture didn't work any longer - Likely due to the changes in A19 from the critical hit system and such. Definitely hoping for an update!!
  3. I'm not 100% certain, but I believe the 3 Slot Forge mod is making it tricky to actually take things out of the output of the Forge. It seems like the cursor decides on a whim if it's going to highlight it to take or not. It's not all the time, but rather about 80% of the time. The interesting part is, sometimes it seems to flash like it wants to highlight it (When mousing over it) and then decides either yes, I can take it, or no I cannot. Love your mods in general and am excited for DF A19. Just wanted to post this to make you aware - again, can't say for certain it's the 3 slot forge modlet or not - But I've only got the vanilla game, +3SlotForge, BackpackButtons, HP Bars, and Max Animals/Zombies installed.
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