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  1. Title. Shoot any gun and game freezes for a second or so, anyone else getting this?
  2. As title says, the tactical assault rifle model does not display the mods equipped, including the Reflex sight (just displays iron sights) The sniper rifle scope works but does not utilize the Reflex sight as intended. Rather just a mesh of the iron sights below the reflex sight. Hope this can be solved easily with no issue, been enjoying the game ALOT.
  3. I love the Dynamic Music, New Lighting and New zombie models. So immersive!! I don't like the lack of Animals - on Day 26 with an established mid game base and still find myself hungry. (Maybe my world is bugged who knows) I don't like the FPS. - 10 Fps In wasteland Biome! (awful) - lets hope when full release comes it will be slightly more optimized. (My PC is way above recommended specs and framerate doesn't change with settings) I Think Stamina needs to be a little faster when it comes to the Regen. (Starter game feels awful and is just a waiting game
  4. Just wanted to say thank you to the Devs and the community of 7 days to die. Ever since i got the game and played it for the first time during alpha 15, i was addicted. It was hard for me to move on to other alphas because it seemed like everything was different. Alpha 19 has got me feeling the same feeling i had when i first played 7 Days. Thanks Dev - Lets hope for a successful Public Release!
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