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  1. I'm not sure if there is a skill point cap in A19 so I'll leave that to others to answer. There are no "musts" in the skill tree. It's up to your play style. Get tired of hearing the "out of breath" sound, dump everything until you can max Sexy T-Rex Don't want to forage? Start working on the Harvest skills Want to forage? Hunter/Gatherer I'm having so much fun not listening to the "Should get these skills first" and doing something different that it's making me realize that my play style adjusts so I can survive when I go against the "min/max" mentality.
  2. This is now happening in a second game for B180. I started the game, did the 4 starting quests and ran off to the Trader. Started clearing a POI for a base and died in the loot room. Transported back to my sleeping bag and I logged out as I didn't want to make the 2k run back yet. Woke up, logged in and the first thing I noticed as the level 2 bow and level 2 axe that I had looted were back to level 1. (I had the loot drop on death rules changed to not drop the items on the tool belt). I made the run back to the poi to get my backpack, setup a small base and started hitting other P
  3. This was a clean Stable 19 B180 game. Here is the pastebin of logs : https://pastebin.com/UuXjpLgy Files are validated through Steam
  4. The issue is that in this new area I'm starting to explore with a very large city area and where the tier 3 trader is for me, no POI's are spawning zombies. I can run around in any POI and loot everything including the loot rooms with no spawns or triggered spawns. Here is a video of zombies spawning in the area I spent 14 days in. I then rode to the new area and entered the water works. The only zombies were ones wandering around outside and none in the building.
  5. So I just hit Day 15 and I'm excited about exploring a large city near where I started at. The problem is that there are zero zombies in any of the POI's. "Free lootz!" was my first thought, but man the game is boring without that added element of surprise, fighting for the loot ect. There are zombies spawning between the buildings ect and a wandering horde spawned as well. I just went into the water works in this new area and not a single zombie to be found, but all of the loot available! I thought it might be an issue with POI's in general but I went back to the tiny town I start
  6. I haven't even tested it let alone played, so when I do I will think about this. Just need to double click the Single sort button and it will move all similar items into the loot container and create new stacks I haven't even tested it let alone played, so when I do I will think about this. Just need to double click the single sort button and it moves all similar items to the loot container and creates new stacks if needed.
  7. Ya I had a Grand Canyon with Waterfall walls that I couldn't get out of. I regenerated another RanGen map with a different seed and thought I was in the same boat but after climbing nearly vertical walls, the world opened up and I nearly didn't get any sleep last night before work today.
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