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  1. I meant to change at once every <item /> that contains such Material property inside itself. So that when adding a mod for a gigantic number of weapons, this all overlaps when it goes next (and it wasn't necessary to add mini-fixes, due to which hundreds of "yellow errors" appear)
  2. If you see "Open in new window" in ... , click it
  3. Is it possible to change <property name="RepairTools" value="resourceRepairKit"/> with one line to <property name="RepairTools" value="gunMGT1AK47Parts"/> if <property name="Material" value="MMachineGunParts"/> ? Also, how to create multiple not(contains ) in one line? <item name="gunMGT1AK47"> <property name="Tags" value="weapon,ranged,holdBreathAiming,reloadPenalty,gun,barrelAttachments,sideAttachments,smallTopAttachments,mediumTopAttachments,stock,magazine,drumMagazine,firingMode,bottomAttachments,attFortitude,perkMachineGunner,perkBookAutoWeapons,canHaveCosmetic"/> <property name="DisplayType" value="rangedGun"/> <property name="HoldType" value="48"/> <property name="Meshfile" value="#Other/Items?Weapons/Ranged/ak47/ak47Prefab.prefab"/> <property name="Material" value="MMachineGunParts"/> <property name="Weight" value="4"/> <property name="CrosshairOnAim" value="true"/> <!-- aimTest --> <property name="CrosshairUpAfterShot" value="true"/> <!-- aimTest --> <property name="RepairTools" value="resourceRepairKit"/> <property name="DegradationBreaksAfter" value="false"/> <property name="SoundJammed" value="weapon_jam"/> <property name="Sound_Sight_In" value="rifle_sight_in"/> <property name="Sound_Sight_Out" value="rifle_sight_out"/> <property name="RepairExpMultiplier" value="10.8"/> <property name="EconomicValue" value="500"/> <property name="UnlockedBy" value="perkMachineGunner,gunMGT1AK47Schematic"/> <property name="ShowQuality" value="true"/> <property name="Group" value="Ammo/Weapons"/> <property class="Action0"> <property name="Class" value="Ranged"/> <property name="Delay" value=".150"/> <!-- obsolete if rounds per minute exists --> <property name="Magazine_items" value="ammo762mmBulletBall,ammo762mmBulletHP,ammo762mmBulletAP"/> <property name="Sound_start" value="ak47_fire"/> <property name="Sound_loop" value="ak47_fire"/> <property name="Sound_empty" value="dryfire"/> <property name="Sound_reload" value="ak47_reload"/> <property name="Sound_end" value="ak47_fire_end"/> <property name="Particles_muzzle_fire" value="gunfire_AK47"/> <property name="Particles_muzzle_fire_fpv" value="gunfire_AK47_fpv"/> <requirement name="CVarCompare" cvar="_underwater" operation="LT" value=".98"/> </property> <property class="Action1"> <property name="Class" value="Zoom"/> <property name="Zoom_max_out" value="55"/> <property name="Zoom_max_in" value="55"/> <property name="ScopeCameraOffset" value="-.00062,0,.055"/> </property> ......
  4. https://7daystodiemods.com/poi-light-enabler/
  5. GK Pickup Grass and More You missed forestFlower block
  6. Sorry, I accidentally. Give me your discord
  7. https://7daystodiemods.com/vanilla-firearms-extended-patch-a19/
  8. It's not my modlet, I forgot to write that the modlet made by rickyalph. I only changed localization.txt for my whims and in order for his guns to be repaired with the same way
  9. As I understand, your Old style loot does the same thing as FAWK Loot All
  10. Love this idea. I use this modlet with my Localization.txt which includes rickyralph Guns (added edits for RepairTools and DegradationPerUse to items.xml)
  11. You need Attribute tree
  12. Ghillie Suit as a Mod you should to write <property name="DisplayType" value="clothingGhillieHood"/> for Ghillie Hood Mod instead of clothing DisplayType
  13. Only now I got it. DarkerNights looks like Nyctalopia😹 I think ambientInsideSpeed is a speed change of lighting between outside and inside
  14. No https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/16837-unnecessary-but-beautiful-mod/
  15. 0-SphereIICore\Config\blocks.xml
  16. If this isn't a 4k/8k world, then wait at least an hour.. still, 16k world is 4x bigger than 8k
  17. Find a free 3d model of this Apache helicopter in the network and then bdubyah might add this
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