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  1. Oky you convinced me, to not use a weith base system BUT for example another game that use slot system is minecraft and I'm pretty sure it has way less items than 7dtd.
  2. You got a point. I mainly want a more customizable inventory because the base inventory is really not big and the if there is a mod for expanding it it usually outdated or just @%$*#!s up the ui. And with the with the weight system it would be much easier to customize the inventory for singleplayer and small coop sessions. I'm fine with the slot system but it's not customizable easily. That's my biggest problem.
  3. Yes i familiar with ark's inventory system, but here you can have perks or books to reduce big stack items weight instead of pack mule or beside.
  4. I don't know if its just me, but the current inventory system is not very realistic. I wish the devs change the inventory system for a weight based one (like in skyrim), because for example if i pick up 2 plants 1 peaces of paper and a book/scematic than i in real life I ain't slowd down by those. But i want to hear others opinion in this topic.
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