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  1. Sorry, but this issue has actually been plaguing me through every Alpha since i started in A16. Dynamic resolution in A19 has nothing to do with it. I'm just kinda stumped on what is causing it. I've even tried to change the values in Regedit and it still happens, on both A18 and A19.
  2. Performance so far seems..... equal if not worse sadly for me. And an issue has cropped up again after a long time. Why does the game randomly change its resolution to my Native one? (4K) I'm fully aware my PC cant run it on 4K, but it does that anyway and usually results in a hard crash. And by this i mean, it changes itself from 1080p, to 4K between loading screens, when starting up, and even while playing the game itself. Sometimes i'd jsut loot a house, notice massive fps drop, and it'd change itself back to 4K. How do i stop the bloody thing from doing so?
  3. Quick question. When will dedicated server providers, like Bluefang get the option to switch to A19?
  4. Greetings! Big fan of 7 days, been playing on every Alpha since A14. I decided to pop by to ask a few question! Has the performance/optimization in A19 been improved? I have a decent enough computer (GTX1060, i5-4460, 16gb RAM) and i get some very annoying performance issues. Bear in mind, this is me and friends playing on a Dedicated server i setup from Bluefang a month ago. Particularly, i experience huge frame drops on Horde nights and even sometimes just wandering around. Changing things like UMA zombie textures to lower does not help. I can run it at 50fps on 1980x1440, or even 2K resolution but on Horde nights of if many electrical devices are nearby, it just dies. I'll also take any advice on what graphics settings to fiddle with to get a better result. I really really want to continue playing this game on a almost daily basis, but sometimes these struggles just kill my enjoyment to the point i dont touch it till next update in hopes its been atleast a bit optimized. P.S. Shout out to the Fun Pimps, loooove what you're doing with the game and the new mechanics, especially some of the upcoming A19 stuff i read in the patch notes.
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