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  1. I'm pretty sure I did do a clean installation but when I get home I will wipe the drivers and reinstall them. I'm pretty new to PCs and I dont know were I would look for the logs
  2. I have a 4g 1050ti I've turned down res to the lowest possible Closed all other applications Uninstalled and reinstalled the game Uninstalled and reinstalled my driver And checked integrity of the files
  3. Hi I bought the game yesterday and was dissapointed when it immediately crashed upon loading and I tried other things that has been suggested and none worked. All my other games will load fine but this one has not loaded at all My PC Specs are Gtx 1050ti AMD athlon x4 950 Thermaltake 430w 2x8 gig ddr4 ram 500 gigabyte hard drive And A320M mobo
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