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  1. Hi there I got this error ingame...it started today and somehow seemed to sort itself out...I have lotsa game freezes and lotsa lagg ingame...esp if i spawn a few zombies to test my defenses ingame... but now i just hit a wall and got this error...can somebody tell me why or how to sort this out? I use 7D2D mod launcher. See attachment.
  2. Hi all I have figured it out...all i did was do some changes in world editor and then save the prefab as a new one and use that one...it seems to work
  3. Hi I am new and playing Warz3uk mod.. the problem I have is after I revamped a house in prefab and place it in world editor the changes I make there dont stay...example I want to dig a ditch and making a few changes around the house...I log out log back in and it has reset to original...meaning it has reset to the prefab as I loaded it...ditches gone and I dont understand what I am doing wrong...I spend hours in making changes save it and then just to log back in and its gone... Cant one then make changes in world editor before u start the actual new game? Also some new worlds i added to this
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