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    We noticed that vanilla vehicles when they are standing somewhere and I want to pick them up then they are still standing there and I have several in my backpack. The problem has actually been known for a long time.

    for A19.4 Experimental


  2. Hello Telrics my players are looking for the medallion, where can it be? As an admin, I searched everything myself, unfortunately I couldn't find it.

    On 10/21/2020 at 6:23 PM, mr.devolver said:

    I was frustrated when I was looking for it, BUT then I realized I could look it up in cheat menu - NOT TO CHEAT, just to see what does it look like, so that I would know what am I supposed to be looking for. It really helped me and then I found it in the farm the proper way. It wasn't easy, but it was fun and I was glad that I resisted and didn't cheat, because I do believe that the point of these quests is to have fun in the first place. Just be patient and pay attention to every detail, examine everything, you will eventually find it.


    Can you tell where you found it

  3. Vor 4 Stunden sagte Slawa:

    Der Hai spawnt doch garnicht von allein, den kanne nur per command oder im f6 menü spawnen.


    Okay, das erklärt sich selbst. Ich dachte, er würde auch laichen, dann ist das erledigt. Danke vielmals

  4. Am 14.10.2020 um 21:01 Uhr sagte Robeloto:

    Der Hai funktioniert leider nicht mehr. Wanted Sharkboy in meinem mod auch. Ich habe es mit verschiedenen Hai-Mesh versucht, aber nein. Tipp: Sie müssen das Spiel nicht schließen, wenn ein Zombie einen Fehler hat. Sie können in der Konsole schreiben: killall und der Fehler wird beendet. Achten Sie darauf, es 2 mal zu schreiben.

    Das dachte ich, aber für andere Spieler, die es nicht mit dem Killall machen können, funktioniert es nicht. Und ich kann nicht immer auf dem Server sein. Kannst du es nicht einfach herausnehmen?

  5. 10 hours ago, Telric said:

    The blocks need to be broken to get the items, so you could change it to be a lootable block instead of breaking if you wanted.

    I'll see if it is possible that the quest could be changed a bit. Maybe outside or something. If I manage somehow, I'll send you the private file. At the moment it looks like there is a trader in the poi who also protects the whole poi. Next to grandma


    10 hours ago, mr.devolver said:

    I think the quest is fine as is. Personally I'm not that much worried about zombies destroying the farm. Vanilla random world generator spawned quite a few of them pretty close to each other in the area where I started my base. If one of the farms falls, I will be still able to go to the other one.

    It depends on which mod you play. Problem is foreign players who play on your server could stay there on the blood night and zombies spawn. They'd break everyone. Maybe I can also rebuild a wall where steel blocks of 50,000 or more protect the area.

  6. On 10/8/2020 at 9:11 PM, Telric said:

    I appreciate it, but some of the quests wont work if the POI is considered a trader area. The dust bunnies quest and Abbys locket quest require you to break a certain block or blocks, which you won't be able to do if it's a trader area.

    Okay, what if the quest is changed?

  7. Hello Valmar. I found an error but that's with the yellow note. I just have to click on it and I get a lot of red consoles. Null reference. I took the Machienen Gunner class



    Here again. seems to be with almost all classes


  8. 11 hours ago, Telric said:

    I fiddled around with some unity settings, the maker of the model had the skinned mesh renderer using more memory. No idea if that would cause this issue or not. The problem is i have no way of testing it since my computer isnt doing this. I can spawn 25, 50, even 75 of them and be fine. It could also be just the new load on demand thing going on. I'm not sure and have no way to really test it.. I did upload new files just now to see if it will help.


    Hi thanks for your quick reply. do you have a link? then I would test it again

  9. 22 hours ago, Telric said:

    Alright i uploaded new files.. got rid of a collider in unity, so that stopped it destroying everything as bad. The jump.. idk. I'm not too into vehicles to know how to make it jump with even weight and all. I also reduced the spawning of them, but you might need to go around and admin kill the old ones that are still alive. Let me know if this works better or not.

    You changed it for the horse mod now?

  10. 2 hours ago, Telric said:

    At first I was going to do that, but then I'd need to make duplicates of just about everything in the mod, so I went with just one tier of thumper. Maybe i'll revisit it at some point and add in harder versions, but for now I'm workin on other modlets. The thumper does work in experimental, though I had to do a quick fix for a meshfile that no longer exists in vanilla. Now all the lab zombies are the wight model, but sound like a female lab zombie.. I'll get around to fixing that for good probably sometime today. We've had issues with it working in multiplayer though. For some reason buffs do not like to work in multiplayer. Any AOE or random roll buffs on entities dont seem to trigger properly, which is something the thumper uses.

    Hmm we havent really noticed this on the server I have running.. Maybe there is a conflict with other mods? Do you get any errors or console messages? It could also be what ragsy said. My group doesnt venture out too much so we could just be missing the loading on demand part.

    other mods were not installed at the time. Had sent you a private message and reported the error again. Maybe it is ligating if the picture stops for 2 to 3 seconds that too many horses are running around? maybe reduce? I remember the thumper that there were too many zombies on the map and since the A19 this problem has disappeared. Console errors, he shows nothing super everything. It is only that in 1 minute the picture stops about 15 to 20 times. I tested it on someone else on the server same problem too.


    Hello Telrics Me, we tested the mod as I said a very nice mod but it often happens that the players complain about FPS drop. The game hangs for about 2 to 3 seconds but continues. But this happens very often in one minute 20 x Maybe the horse spawn is too high? Or it's something else. Maybe you could look over there again

  12. Am 09.07.2020 um 22:11 Uhr sagte Sergant1000:

    War das eine Version des Spiels, das Sie spielt?


    Das Farmlife V3. Wie kann ich Sie kontaktieren, um einige Fragen zu klären Alpha A19 b157


    Am 08.07.2020 um 20:41 Uhr sagte Sergant1000:

    WoW, WOw, einfach. Sie meinen Landbau oder Ressource? Oder etwas anderes?


    Ja, aber nur lokal, nicht auf einem Stammserver

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