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  1. 1. I had. I have changed this now and I apparently have close to 10GB of swap. Still crashing. Why would I need swap if I have more than enough memory? 2. I don't have any security software. 3. I made sure. I am fairly certain 4 and 5 aren't applicable either considering the game works under Linux on the same computer. It's interesting that I just now had two crashes where the game didn't even spit out any logs. error.log output_log__2020-06-21__14-23-45.txt crash.dmp
  2. Hi! The game is essentially unplayable for me on Windows 10 64-bit because it randomly crashes. I think my specs are up to it considering I have a core i9 9900k with 32GB ram and a RTX 2080 Ti I have attached some crash files. My settings are on Ultra but I have tried with High too and it behaves the same. Motion blur is disabled. Everything else is vanilla. error.log output_log__2020-06-21__13-07-30.txt crash.dmp Attaching another crash I got. Not sure if they're the same (Wasn't sure from looking at the logs) but it happened in the same manner so. error.log output_log__2020-06-19__22-43-43.txt crash.dmp I just realized I put this in the wrong forum. I intended to put it in Bug Reports. Damn.
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