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  1. I don't know if it was intentionally set up like this. I can see huge amount of custom zombies when blood moon comes. But if you try. You'll find the zombieBanshee affects the gaming experience too much.You can not even shoot or run. At a very low stage of the game,we can't alive with so much custom zombies...I mean the prob was not set properly. Maybe when wo go to the 200-250 stage,We can fight them using enough traps and explosives. Or maybe we need the b169 custom weapons...||admin gun...
  2. I will try it.Thank you.I come here everyday using vpn.I feel sad when snufkin said sorry yesterday.But now i feel happy!My friends and i love this mod.
  3. Try it. I don't know why it can't work in my server. I have deleted the research mod.
  4. I can't use it...NullReferenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object... I just use your custom zombies mod and this research mod in a18.4b4 dedicated server...could you help me? My friends and i love it so much.
  5. No other mods. Only custom zombies and reseaech camera. When i use the research station, errors occur.Not in the log,but in the top left corner.the screenshot is upstair...
  6. So do you know why my a18.4b4 server can't use his research mod?
  7. It doen't work in 18.4b4???
  8. I think i need your help... The custom zombies is very good. But some of the research system seems unwork... Here is the screenshot when i use the research station: and here are the other screenshots: And the camera seems unwork as well....
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