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  1. Yup, I've found way too many skill books in trash piles to ignore them.
  2. I think maybe you should post in your native language and hope someone who is fluent in both can translate. Not trying to be a jerk, but google translate really let you down.
  3. Haven't tried it, waiting for A19 to come to stable so I don't have to restart again. But wondering if the admin gun would remove stuff in the protection zone. Kind of guessing it wont though.
  4. I do wish the traders "protection range" or whatever it's called would only extend a few blocks from the trader. I've had traders that were close enough to POIs I was trying to salvage be a problem. I know there's are more POIs on a map than I will ever loot, so not a huge issue, just a bit annoying in the beginning of a new game.
  5. Yeah, I never got that about the Yucca Smoothies either. That's actually on my list of things to change once A19 stable comes out.
  6. Same. After getting my 15th stone weapon/tool I just end up building a large home base to level up to a better game stage. I mean, I need a base anyway, so I guess it's not a total waste.
  7. I've seen on two different occasions, a zombie cheerleader solo a bear and win. From a distance it looked like the cheerleader only hit it a few times to win. Made me wonder if zombies do extra damage versus animals for some reason.
  8. Dog packs are the only thing that worry me tbh. I'll look around every 15 to 30 seconds when mining, chopping, salvaging cars, etc, so zombies are spotted way before they become a threat. The dog packs on the other hand, look away for a second and suddenly there are dogs trying to eat your face, sometimes accompanied by a bear 😆
  9. Seems like making it a server setting would be a better option. Just a check box in the set up menu so streamers could turn it up, and people who don't want bright nights could play on servers where it's not allowed.
  10. Sounds like bad rng, I'm finding the stuff everywhere.
  11. Yeah, I have my brightness set to 50% and right now in my game it is pitch black at night. Granted it's currently overcast so that may be part of it.
  12. I do like more more animals. I'm a little concerned with the amount of wolves spawning in broad daylight though for new players. Some may enjoy the added challenge, but others may find it frustrating when you run across 6 different dire wolf spawns in about 20 minutes. Maybe some of it is tied to game stage? Or it might be possible they spawned at night and since I was still in the area they never despawned? I don't even know if that's a thing though. I could also be confusing regular wolves for dire wolves, I just assumed the big black wolves were dire wolves. I do like the added bears as a challenge. I've seen several in a short amount of time and chosen a different route to go around them when on foot. I can no longer walk around town and not pay attention because there is nothing I need to worry about, and I like that. And now I actually have a reason to have an "oh sh*t weapon" on me at all times in case I get cornered by one. Those things have a lot of health 😆
  13. I can see that reasoning. But I also think some doors could be picked, while other doors are "barred form the other side" so the intended path stays intact unless you want to beat down the door. Not really a high priority in my opinion though.
  14. Maybe I'm misremembering then. I seem to recall a lot of cooked foods having a 4% chance to give dysentery, which is why in the past I'd get level 4 Iron Gut so I could eat most stuff without worrying about it. And make nothing but golden rod tea to drink up until reaching level 4.
  15. Ramps and wedges are made with the frame blocks. Not sure about the others, since I haven't made any of those yet.
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