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  1. Writing this as community question and not a bug report for a couple of reasons.  One, the bug report requirements are insane unless it is a game breaking bug and that I am playing the same game since 163 (i think).  Too much work to restart every experimental build to try and test things without cheating.


    Leading up to my 2nd horde night which I have set 10 day cycles, I installed 3 smg turrets that I crafted.  Hooked them to a powered generator that had live wire connections to all 3 turrets.  Once the items were placed and powered (with ammo locked)  I started getting a couple of graphical glitches and couldn't set the angle of the camera in the turret as if the turrets were not powered.  Just as horde night was starting, everything looked fine and all the turrets appeared to be working, but once the zombies starting arriving, only one of the turrets fired and the others covering 2 other sides seemed to power down and not fire.


    Was there a change that I missed that there is a limit to 1 turret per generator or does this happen to others.

  2. Unfortunately I forgot to set that up as I recently had to burn my computer to the ground and reinstall everything.  So I guess I am out of luck.  Thanks for the answer

  3. Last night i briefly lost power around my computer due to a storm tripping my surge protection and when I came back to resume my game, it has left it at day 9 where it was but reset everything else to the start of the game.  What I am wondering is there a way to reset my game file to where it was prior to the power loss?


    Hopefully there is, want something to play for now :)

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