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  1. 100% agree. Found this POI in a wasteland town at night and it was great fun. All of the A19 POIs we've played through so far are really great. They've done a wonderful job with layout, interior design and decoration. Wish we had a list of A19 POIs (with photos) so we could be sure to hit them all. Now they just need to change the sound of the auger as it digs ;)
  2. It's horrible, will definitely mod it our if the option becomes available.
  3. Pretty new to the game, so I was wondering if someone new of a list of A19 POIs
  4. Question for anyone reading: Is there a type of POI that has a better chance of dropping a Tool and Die set? Been checking the obvious Pass n Gas and Working Stiffs and have found more calipers and welding torches than I can use. No luck with the TnD yet. Suggestions?
  5. Turns out "repairing" Easy Anti Cheat solved it. Inside the game folder is a folder for Easy Anti Cheat. Inside that is EasyAntiCheatsetup.exe. Run that and you have the option to "repair". No idea why repairing EAC had any impact on how the game runs when it is disabled, but whatever, it works now. Thanks for the reply
  6. On a whim, I went through the game files and saw the Easy Anti Cheat folder. Inside I found EasyAntiCheatsetup.exe which I ran. That app had a "repair" button which I clicked. Problem solved. No idea why repairing EAC made a difference when I launch the game with it disabled, but there it is.
  7. Anyone know why I get no sound when launching the DF mod? Also happens if I launch the vanilla game without EAC enabled: No sound at all.
  8. Been trying to run the Darkness Falls mod for hours. Only way the mod will launch is by disabling EAC, but then there is no sound at all, even in the main menu. Vanilla game runs fine, but also only when EAC is enabled, otherwise no sound there as well. I'm hoping this is something obvious that I've spent the last two hours overlooking. I'll feel stupid, but happy. I've searched using the standard search engines as well as this forum, and only found one post from 2017 matching my issue (post is deleted, but GOOG had a cached version). No replies were cached. Point being
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